No Until Dawn DLC in the Works, But Dev Working on Its Next Game

No comment on the rumors of virtual reality DLC.


Supermassive Games, the developer of Until Dawn, doesn't have any downloadable content in the works for the PS4-exclusive horror game, but is working on its next game.

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The subject was brought up in a Reddit AMA with Supermassive executive creative director Will Byles and design director Tom Heaton. Specifically, they were asked about the possibility of DLC involving a specific scenario that isn't possible in the game, and which has spawned possibilities for new scenarios online. (Spoiler warning: The question on Reddit references story details, but this post is spoiler-free).

"We've seen them too and they're great," Supermassive said about these fan-created ideas . "But we are not currently working on any DLC for Until Dawn at the moment."

Saying "at the moment" leaves open the possibility that new DLC could still come in the future. Supermassive previously left the door open for DLC, but suggested the chances of a virtual reality version weren't high in the near future. Despite this, a new report has suggested a VR-enabled version of Until Dawn is in the works as DLC. Supermassive said in the AMA that it's "not able to discuss these rumors today. Sorry."

Sales of Until Dawn have "surpassed expectations," Supermassive said earlier this month, and the prospect of a full-on sequel have been discussed. It admitted today on Reddit, "Without giving too much away, we are already working on our next game, and we think and hope that Until Dawn fans will love it."

This prompted a question about when it might be seen, and unfortunately there wasn't much of an answer to be had.

"We are at very early stages at the moment," the developer said, "so we're not even thinking about an announcement yet."

"Obviously we're not going to go into specifics but like with Until Dawn we like our stories to tie into existing myths or real history," it added.

Until Dawn debuted on PS4 back in August. For more, check out GameSpot's review.

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