No, The PS5 Presenters Weren't CGI Renders

Sony PR has confirmed that the presenters for the PS5 reveal event were taped at home and not, in fact, rendered.


Worried that the hosts at last week's PS5 reveal event looked a little uncanny valley? Sony has now confirmed that the presenters were taped at home and that they were not pre-rendered.

Following Sony's reveal of their latest console, site The Gamer erroneously reported that the hosts of the event were renders, and not real people. However, while that would have been a cool way to show off the PS5, the truth is that the hosts were actually just filmed at home. Instead of relying on some fancy digital technology to bring Jim Ryan and co. to everyone's screens this morning, it was just good, old-fashioned camerawork.

Regardless, there were plenty of opportunities during the PS5 reveal event to show off the impressive graphical prowess that Sony's next-gen console was going to have.

The Spider-Man: Miles Morales trailer, in particular, was an up-close and personal look at what the PS5 can offer in visual fidelity, and the hardware's capabilities definitely appear to match up with the full and final list of specifications. Horizon: Forbidden West's announcement also displayed a multitude of gorgeous landscapes and characters thanks to the power of the PS5, though there is no set release date yet for Aloy's latest adventure.

The PS5 is currently set to launch later in 2020, though there's not been a specific date settled on yet.

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