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No Resident Evil 4 until 2005

Capcom "finalizes" the release date for its upcoming GameCube-exclusive survival horror game.


Following weeks of speculation, Capcom confirmed today that Resident Evil 4 won't arrive until 2005. The official date for the latest installment in the survival horror series, which is being released exclusively for the GameCube, is now January 11, 2005. The game has not yet been rated, but it is available for preorder for $49.99.

Capcom's announcement comes after weeks of speculation that Resident Evil 4 had been delayed. Last month, many online retailers changed the release date for the game to either March or February 2005. However, Capcom reps emphasized that since the release window for the game has always been "Winter 2004," the January date is not a delay but, rather, a "finalization," because it still falls in winter.

Weather aside, Resident Evil 4 will likely give many gamers chills when it ships to stores. Set six years after Raccoon City was destroyed by a missile attack, it follows series' hero Leon S. Kennedy in his new job--which is protecting the president's family. When the president's daughter is kidnapped by a satanic cult, he must travel to Europe to rescue her, coming into contact with more undead in the process. GameSpot's latest preview has more on the game.

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