"No Plans" For Diablo 4 To Come To Game Pass, Blizzard Confirms

Diablo general manager Rod Fergusson responded to fan questions about the subject on Twitter.


Diablo IV won't be coming to Xbox Game Pass anytime soon, with Blizzard confirming that it currently has "no plans" to add the highly anticipated ARPG to the service.

The to-the-point answer came from Diablo general manager Rod Fergusson, who took to Twitter to address the question. There never seemed to be any specific rumor or indication that Diablo IV would appear on Microsoft's service, but Fergusson said Blizzard received questions on the matter regardless.

Some fans may have believed Diablo IV would come to Game Pass due to Microsoft's planned acquisition of Activision Blizzard, a deal that is currently pending regulatory approval and one that has seen the US Federal Trade Commission sue Microsoft. Should the deal go through, it's likely that some of Blizzard's game catalog could appear on the service eventually, but that is likely still far down the line, and only if the deal is ultimately approved.

Though Diablo IV won't be coming to Game Pass, those interested in seeing what the dark-fantasy RPG is all about will be able to take the game for a test drive during its open beta period March 24-27. Those who preorder, or go to KFC, can earn entry into the game's early access beta, which runs March 17-20 and will feature three of the game's five playable classes.

Players who reach certain milestones in the beta period will unlock exclusive titles, and an in-game wolf pup backpack, in the full version of Diablo IV. Dedicated players who reach level 25, the beta's level cap, will even be able to enter a sweepstakes to have their face immortalized in a Diablo IV mural inside a French cathedral.

Diablo IV arrives on June 6, 2023 and will follow a live-service model with seasonal content, battle passes, and, eventually, expansions. Blizzard has made clear that Diablo IV's battle pass won't offer players more power, and that its in-game shop will only feature optional cosmetics.

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