No online tusslin' for Def Jam: Fight for NY

EA Canada confirms its hip-hop brawler won't let users duke it out via the Web.


Def Jam: Fight for NY

When Electronic Arts announced Def Jam: Fight for NY (then just "Def Jam Vendetta II"), many gamers anticipated it would have online play. However, any mention of such a component was curiously missing from all publicity materials concerning the game. This was most notable in those relating to the Xbox version, which made no mention of Xbox Live.

Unfortunately, as appealing as pimp-handing friends halfway across the world as rapper Slick Rick sounds, it's not going to happen. Today, Def Jam developer EA Canada confirmed rumors that no version of its hip-hop-flavored fighting game will have an online component. "Unfortunately, due to time constraints, Def Jam: Fight for NY will no longer support online play," said Josh Holmes, the game's producer. "We’re continuing to focus on delivering an enormous fighting game that delivers more than three times the length and depth of the original.”

This "depth" will take several forms. Besides an expanded story mode, the game will feature more complex combat, including five different fighting techniques: submission, wrestling, martial arts, street fighting, and kickboxing. The game will also feature many more playable rappers in its lineup, including Ludacris, Sticky Fingaz, Busta Rhymes, Redman, and Method Man--all of which will provide their own voices. All characters will be customizable with clothing, jewelry, and tattoos, and players can eventually create their own form of fighting. For more on Def Jam: Fight for NY, check out GameSpot's previous coverage.

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