No One Lives Forever trademarks point to possible re-releases

Monolith's classic espionage shooters might again be available for sale before long.


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Image courtesy of Play Old PC Games
Image courtesy of Play Old PC Games

Classic first-person shooter series No One Lives Forever could be gearing up for a re-release, if newly discovered trademark filings are any indication.

It was unclear as recently as last month who, exactly, held the rights to No One Lives Forever after Activision--which acquired the game's now-defunct publisher, Sierra, as part of the merger that formed Activision Blizzard--indicated it was no longer responsible for the series.

Siliconera now reports that trademark filings were registered in April for the titles of several NOLF games, including the original, The Operative: No One Lives Forever; sequel No One Lives Forever 2: A Spy in H.A.R.M.'s Way; and spin-off Contract J.A.C.K. Trademarks in and of themselves are not necessarily indicative of anything. However, considering the company who filed for them--Night Dive Studios--has been responsible for the re-releases of games like System Shock 2, it stands to reason that it intends to do the same with the NOLF games.

The company's CEO, Stephen Kick, wouldn't comment on its plans in a statement issued to Siliconera, only saying, "I would like to add that our team has a great fondness for these games and our hope is that they will one day be re-released."

The original NOLF was released in 2000 for PC and was later brought to the PlayStation 2. It received a warm critical reception upon its release, thanks in part to its mixture of shooting and stealth action, as well as its gadgets (lipstick explosives!) and spoofing of the spy genre. Both NOLF and its two follow-ups were developed by Monolith Productions, which would go on to create the FEAR and Condemned series, as well as Gotham City Impostors.

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Avatar image for jebhawk

I played NOLF 1 and 2. Both were awesome. NOLF 2 had much better graphics than 1; however NOLF 1 multiplayer was awesome, much better than the multiplayer for 2. I played multiplayer for years until no one showed anymore and I was the only one running around the level by myself. So I moved on finally to Left 4 Dead and thank God people still play that on-line.

Yes, give the game a make over, but don't change it's silly awesomeness. Then make new sequels please!

You will have my money!

I played this game under the name Apolyon.

Avatar image for l0ne_wanderer

After playing loads of FPS games like COD that have nothing to offer other than running and gunning, mindless action etc, going back to this masterpiece will be like a breathe of fresh air. A beautiful game that every gamer should play.

Avatar image for ceyxxx

My copy won't run on Windows 7. Hope they release it.

Avatar image for amandabella

Loved this series! +1

Avatar image for Lytnin

Loved this series! Must make more!

Avatar image for Pupchu

I LOVED Monolith Productions back in the days. Blood, Claw, Shogo, NOLF, and AvP2... Man, thosse were the days... I would love to see a re-release of the NOLF franchise, bring 'em on! Or better yet, like LordCrash88 said, a NOLF3... "Are yoou insulting MY monkey?!"

Avatar image for nobody490

<< LINK REMOVED >> Yeah, NOLF and the rest you mentioned are really the golden days of Monolith up till the release of the First F.E.A.R game. It then kinda started to go down hill after that IMO.

Avatar image for LordCrash88

A re-release???

Please, make a new NOLF game instead. The spy genre is starving and gamers in desperate need of clever and well designed games which are not all about shooting and killing...

Avatar image for sebbysebbseb

I don't want a HD remake of the games though. Just make it compatible with modern machines. Games that have been given the HD look to some classics have made the game not look like how it was originally intended. (can't think of any examples though)

Avatar image for sebbysebbseb

I would buy this in a second. I loved these games. It better be on steam *shakes fist*

Avatar image for stailcookie

From back in the days when new releases had to conform to a 3-month window of PC hardware compatibility... I never got to play it :( I'm looking forward to a $5 bundle sale on steam.

Avatar image for grognard66

That would be great. These are some of my favorite games of all time! I still have my NOLF2 PC version in the original box.

Avatar image for jonnyc0mbat

Woohoo! Great news! Kate Archer rides again!

I've been waiting ages for this series to resurface. They were great games during quite a low period in PC gaming.

Avatar image for MAD_AI

Yes please re-release on Steam like System Shock 2, and GOG as well. Cate Archer remains the best video game heroine ever made in my book. Shame they never made NOLF 3.

Avatar image for GameYakuza

it's kind of a bad news, because like system shock 2, these are games definitely needing a HD remake, not just a new option for widescreen resolution.

Avatar image for MAD_AI


NOLF 2 still looks good, NOLF 1 on the hand needs a remake.

Avatar image for grenadehh

Yay and they'll be multiplats catered to console gamers and they'll suck. I miss the old games.

Avatar image for PETERAKO

new game or nothing!

Avatar image for hoscba

Aww yeas!

Avatar image for deactivated-597794cd74015

This might just be one of the greatest things I have ever read in my entire life.......................

The original is my favourite game of all time.

Avatar image for NTM23

I only have and played No One Lives Forever 2, and wanted to play the first after. At the time, it was one of my favorite games. I bought the PS2 version, but it didn't work so I had to bring it back, and unfortunately it was the only one there, though I heard that version wasn't that good. Monolith, when it comes to shooters, is one of my favorite. No One Lives Forever and F.E.A.R. I hope for a sequel.

Avatar image for deactivated-597794cd74015


Yeah the PS2 version has problems. Mainly no manual saving. So you have to start the WHOLE mission all over again.

Avatar image for NTM23


Avatar image for amar1234

NoLf2 was one of the best game i ever played. Never tried the first one. It was a blast exactly how a Jane Bond type game should be. It had mystery, puzzles, exploration great combat. it was great. I bet they wont be able to recapture the magic if they made a remake, i noticed people rarely recapture the magic with remakes. 9 out of 10 remakes dont get close to invoking the feelings the originals would have.

Avatar image for Gelugon_baat

This is mere speculation, some of you should be reminded.

Avatar image for geejaco


please don't remind us.....we are a sensitive bunch :)

we need dreams.....dreams are hope...

Avatar image for Gelugon_baat


Hope can lead to disappointment, you may need to be reminded. ;)

Avatar image for geejaco

You have my money $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

Avatar image for emerin76

yes!!! great idea. not necessarily remake...but continuation. Cate Archer is my kinda agent

Avatar image for skeet1964

Great games. I loved playing those. The humor in them was fantastic.

Avatar image for ringringabel

holy crap! i'd be so stoked if nolf was re-released! one of my favorite fps of all time!

Avatar image for Boomer

This is the best news, heck my avatar has been Cate for years

Doing the Happy Dance

Avatar image for Azghouls

It does no good

To run from the Archer.

If a bullet doesn't kill you,

Her body surely will.

Your only hope

Is to try to win her over,

But you're captured by

The spy in H.A.R.M.'s way.

Avatar image for rushad_patel

<< LINK REMOVED >> Same here dude, i still remember seeing the crossbow in the first level and jaw dropped at the graphics at the time.

Avatar image for Qixote

Hearing that plans for NOLF3 in the works would be the greatest gaming news I have heard in a very long time. Hearing that there are only plans to re-release the old games would be the most disappointing news in a long time.

NOLF is a classic that was made during the glory years of pc gaming, a time when it was at its best and most creative. Sigh. I miss those days. Cate! come back! We miss you so much.

Avatar image for javalino

i played NOLF2 !! great game !!! i will buy for sure!!

Avatar image for Vinnvn

Woohoo one of best shooter I have played!

Avatar image for SeriousSean

I absolutely fucking love NOLF. No other shooter on the market has its charm and style. The series still holds up pretty well by today's standards. AI is still better than most. If you enjoy shooters but have never tried the NOLF series, you really owe it to yourself to check them out.

Avatar image for Dasim64

Loved these games when they came out. I doubt any kind of sequel could come close to capturing their overall feel or fun factor. Games are developed with an entirely new set of goals these days, (sell as many as possible being the key goal) and developers aren't really left to do anything really creative. It's all about appealing to as many people as possible. Thief is a perfect example of this. Gone are the days of games that had a specific audience. There's just not enough money in that.

Avatar image for RedWave247

Awesome. Let's get some remakes going.

Avatar image for deactivated-59913425220eb

I loved no one lives forever

Avatar image for bojan_sokol

These games were lots of fun. Hope they make sequel or remake

Avatar image for doorselfin


Avatar image for Zloth2

Fighting a bunch of female ninjas in a trailer park with a tornado running through... yeah, they don't make'm like that any more. Bring on the re-release!

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