No One Lives Forever goes open source

Monolith will release the source code for its first-person shooter in an effort to boost the game's online community.


Monolith Productions today announced that it will release the source code for version 1.003 of Fox Interactive's popular first-person shooter The Operative: No One Lives Forever. The release is part of the developer's effort to build the game's online community. The source code will be available for download from the official No One Lives Forever Web site, along with instructions and requirements. It will help players build their own levels and stay up-to-date with the code base that Monolith is using to create its latest projects.

"I recognize the importance of the online community and what it means to the continued success of a gaming franchise," said Chris Miller, producer for Fox Interactive. "After hearing the continued request for source code on the newsgroups, Monolith and Fox got together to give the fans exactly what they are looking for."

The 5.46MB downloadable file will include:
- The NOLF Visual C++ 6.0 workspace complete with projects for individual DLL's
- All of NOLF's game-side source files - LithTech SKD header files and header files for shared Monolith libraries

To build the NOLF source v1.003, the following are required:
- Microsoft visual C++ 6.0 (with service pack 3 installed)
- Microsoft's DirectX 8 SDK
- 400MB free disk space

No One Lives Forever was released last November, and it is currently the top-rated action game on GameSpot. For more information, take a look at our full review of the game.

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