No One Lives Forever 2 multiplayer mode released

Sierra releases the version 1.3 patch and a map pack that introduces new team multiplayer modes.


Sierra has released the promised 1.3 patch that includes two new multiplayer modes and a map pack with seven new maps. The 28MB patch includes numerous small gameplay tweaks, bug fixes, additional options for server admins, as well as the two new multiplayer modes, team deathmatch and doomsday. As described in our 2912610hands-on look at the new modes, doomsday is a team-based mode where players try to gather the three parts of a doomsday device and take them back to their base to assemble them. The 43MB map pack contains seven new multiplayer maps that enable the two new modes.

GameSpot Complete members can download the files from the links below. For more details on No One Lives Forever 2, check out our 532478previous coverage of the game.

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