No New Legends for PC

Infinite Machine's third-person action game will now be published for the Xbox.


THQ has announced that it has picked up the publishing rights to Infinite Machine's New Legends, a third-person action game focused on melee combat. Powered by Epic's Unreal engine, the game is no longer being developed for the PC, and instead will appear exclusively on the Xbox as a launch title later next year. The game was one the top PC games we saw at this year's E3. Infinite Machine's CEO Justin Chin, who has previously worked on LucasArts' Dark Forces and Jedi Knight, demonstrated the game by showing a one-minute video of some New Legends cinematic sequences, all of which are rendered using the in-game engine. After the short demonstration, Chin took time to answer a few of our questions regarding the game's transition from the PC to the Xbox.

According to Chin, the graphics and animation system of New Legends will benefit from the console's closed architecture, since the programmers at Infinite Machine have a much higher minimum hardware spec to work with. Chin says that all of the character models will boast a higher polygon count, levels will contain more detail, and the textures will be crisper than what was planned for the original PC version of the game. Additional changes for the new Xbox version include a revised camera system that's "free from the player." Chin likened New Legends' improved camera to a cross between the camera systems found in the Nintendo 64 games Mario 64 and Zelda: Ocarina of Time. You'll be able to control the camera to take a look around levels, but all of the action will take place within your direct field of vision, meaning that you'll never have to manipulate the camera in order to track events or enemies above or below you. Additionally, to cut down on having to run around enemies to line up a perfect melee attack, your character will "seek" enemies. Presumably, when you slash at an enemy with a sword, as long as you are close to and facing the enemy, you should score a hit. This should cut down on the frustration of having to run around aligning yourself perfectly with the enemy, as was necessary in Jedi Knight.

The combat system has also been revised to take advantage of the Xbox controller. Chin unintentionally revealed that the console's controller will have two trigger buttons, which fits New Legends' two-handed melee system perfectly. But not all the changes are an improvement to the game. Because of the conversion, Infinite Machine has dropped the multiplayer component from New Legends. "We'll save that for the sequel," joked Chin. "Right now we're focusing our efforts on perfecting the single-player aspect of the game."

New Legends is scheduled to release for the Xbox late next year, just in time for the console's launch date. For more on the game and its plot, be sure to read our preview from E3. We'll keep you updated with more information as it becomes available.

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