No New Info About Final Fantasy XV at E3

Square Enix boss says this year's show is "not the most suitable time" to talk about the game; don't expect news about Kingdom Hearts III, either.


Final Fantasy XV
Kingdom Hearts III

Square Enix will not reveal any new information about the long-awaited role-playing game Final Fantasy XV at E3 2014 next week, the publisher has confirmed.

In an interview with Famitsu (translated by Kotaku), Square Enix executive Shinji Hashimoto--who heads up the Final Fantasy brand for the Japanese publisher--said the game is progressing well, but E3 is not the right time to share new information about it.

"First, I just want to say that Final Fantasy XV's development is progressing favorably," Hashimoto said. "In the company, we're always trying to figure out the optimal timing to release new information to the fans. We decided that this year's E3 is not the most suitable time to release such information. Instead, we are preparing for an event after E3 to make new announcements."

It also doesn't sound like Square Enix plans to talk about Kingdom Hearts III anytime soon. "Right now, we are working hard on the game, and I think that we'd like some more time to make new announcements."

Kingdom Hearts III was announced last year at E3, while Final Fantasy XV was originally revealed all the way back in 2006, when it was known as Final Fantasy Versus XIII. In February of this year, Square Enix said Final Fantasy XV for Xbox One and PlayStation 4 was "quite far" into development.

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