No multiplayer for Fable

Lionhead Studios updates its official Web site with word that Fable will now be single-player only.


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Lionhead Studios has recently updated the Fable FAQ section of its official Web site with word that the upcoming Xbox adventure game will not feature multiplayer options of any kind. When we last saw Fable at Microsoft's X03 event in France in September, Peter Molyneux talked at some length about the innovative multiplayer features that were planned for the game.

"Unfortunately, due to time constraints, we will not be including the multiplayer feature in Fable," states the post in answer to a question about the game's multiplayer options. "There simply isn't enough time to polish it to the standard we feel would be required to match that of the rest of the game. Instead we have decided to focus our resources on fine-tuning the single-player experience to ensure it is of the highest possible quality."

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