No More Heroes Moves into Paradise on PS3

Konami bringing Grasshopper's actioner exclusively to Sony's console with new bosses, motion-control support in 2011.


No More Heroes: Heroes Paradise

Grasshopper Manufacture won wide acclaim for its action game No More Heroes in 2008, but the game's initial run was limited to the notoriously Mature-rating adverse Wii. However, in late 2009, reports out of Japan indicated that the title would receive a high-definition redux on the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3, an eventuality that occurred in the island nation in April of this year.

It would appear as if No More Heroes' mechanics will be the same.
It would appear as if No More Heroes' mechanics will be the same.

Now, North American audiences will also have a chance to experience Travis Touchdown's exploits in high def--on the PlayStation 3, at least. Today, Konami announced No More Heroes: Heroes' Paradise would be released exclusively on Sony's console in the US. Developed by AQ Interactive, the game is currently scheduled for a 2011 release.

Directed by Killer 7 creator Suda-51, No More Heroes presents a hyperstylized and violent world of fanboy fantasies. The game's protagonist, Travis Touchdown, is tasked with ascending the ranks of an assassin's guild by murdering all of his competition. In addition to becoming the world's greatest assassin, Travis hopes his efforts will win the affections of his beautiful and mysterious benefactor.

Along with a unique visual style, the game features motion-sensing controls to slash with Touchdown's Jedi-esque lightsaber or perform pro wrestling moves on foes. Whereas these controls were handled by the Wii Remote in Nintendo's version of the game, Heroes Paradise will make use of Sony's Move motion-controller setup.

Move controls aren't the only addition made by AQ. The studio has also added more boss characters to the game, as well as improved the artificial intelligence of No More Heroes' enemies. Players will also be able to face off against previously defeated bosses in the newly added Rebout mode. Lastly, Viewer mode lets gamers watch the game's cutscenes without playing through the game.

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