No More Heroes 2 scores April release in Europe

Suda-51's acclaimed graphic novel-style action game hits the UK this April; Japanese release date still MIA.


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Released in the US back in January, No More Heroes 2: Desperate Struggle was well received by critics, who praised its improved combat system and story, as well as its excellent motion controls. Today, European gamers eager to get their hands on the game have something to celebrate, as Rising Star has confirmed the title will be making its way to Europe at the end of April. A release date for the game's development home in Japan has still not been announced.

No More Heroes 2 was developed by famed developer Suda-51, well known for his love of punk culture and outspoken views on game design. His plans for the sequel came to light before the game's western release, where he declared if the game were a band "it would be really energetic, like the Arctic Monkeys."

The game continues the story of Travis Touchdown, an anime nerd seeking revenge for the murder of his best friend. It features graphic novel-style visuals and heaps of over-the-top bloody combat. For more on the game, check out GameSpot's video review below.

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