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No Man's Sky's Menus and Upgrade Tree Look a Lot Like Destiny

Cursor-based menus in console games are becoming popular these days.


Today, publisher Sony released a new video showing off trade and upgrade systems for upcoming space exploration game No Man's Sky. While watching this video, however, you might've noted some similarities between No Man's Sky and another sci-fi game, Destiny.

If you take a close look at the short glimpses of menus and upgrade systems that the video shows, you can see that they look quite a bit like Destiny's. It seems that they share a bit of UI design philosophy, such as the transparent cursor used to navigate the menus. I also see some parallels to Destiny in the way that resource management is laid out. Check out some comparison screenshots below.

Here are screenshots from the No Man's Sky video:

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And here are some images from Destiny for comparison:

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Hello Games hasn't actually said anything about if No Man's Sky was inspired by Destiny. We do know, though, that the head of the studio, Sean Murray, has played Bungie's shooter at least once.

It seems that Destiny developer Bungie's method of dealing with inventory management on console has made its way to Hello Games and No Man's Sky. I've never had a problem with Destiny's UI, and I think it's better than many game inventories. But we'll have to wait for No Man's Sky's full release to see if its version works well, too.

No Man's Sky launches on August 9 for PS4 and PC. Recently, Sony published a different video showing off a bit of the game's combat. Additionally, a controversy has arisen over the use of a patented "Superformula" to procedurally generate No Man's Sky's planets. You can also read our feature on the game, Making Sense of No Man's Sky's Massive Universe.

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