No Man's Sky Update Files Hint at New Vehicle

The good kind of buggy.


No Man's Sky's latest update includes data files for an as of yet unavailable vehicle, hinting at a new feature developer Hello Games could introduce in the future.

Textures and a model for what appears to be a buggy were discovered by Reddit user eegandj, who went on to import the data into the game and release a video of what the schematics for it look like.

By introducing a land-based vehicle, Hello Games would give players a quick way to get around the game's vast planets. In turn, this would make tasks such as gathering resources and exploring the planet considerably easier than walking or using a ship to fly from point to point.

Eegandj has made the data files available to download and use as a mod here. As of yet it does not work as a fully functioning vehicle, however.

Hello Games has not yet officially confirmed that it is introducing a buggy vehicle to the game, but teased that the recent Foundation update lays the groundwork for things to come. The update, which is available now, is rather large in scale, introducing features such as base building and a variety of modes to experience No Man's Sky in different ways.

You can read more details about No Man's Sky's Foundation update here.

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