No Man's Sky Singularity Update Will Make You Question The Meaning Of Life

Singularity will explore the topic of AI, the will to exist, and the very nature of life itself.


Artificial intelligence has been one of the hottest topics over the last couple of months, and even No Man's Sky is getting involved in that field. Kind of. Singularity, the new free update for No Man's Sky, forms the second chapter of the story that was first introduced in Interceptor.

According to developer Hello Games, the Singularity expedition focuses on the history and origin of the harmonic camps in a mystery that touches upon artificial intelligence, the will to exist, and the very nature of what it means to be alive. The big draw here is that players will be able to build a robotic Construct and take part in a communal goal "that may shape the future" of the universe. By the end of the storyline--which runs for five weeks--No Man's Sky players will have uncovered enough clues that can inform them of what awaits them in the game's next update.

As for rewards and new gear, Singularity will have plenty of items to obtain. Players can dress up like a machine with a new customization set, new decorations will be available for bases, a groovy an Atlantideum filter can be added to jetpack trails, and the new Wayfarer's helm can be added to player wardrobes. Singularity will arrive alongside a new patch for No Man's Sky, and more details on that can be found here.

It's been a busy year for No Man's Sky so far, as Interceptor, one of the largest updates in the game's history, added capital ship battles, more spacecraft to pilot, and new rewards back in April. A few months earlier, the Fractal Update added support for PlayStation VR 2 and a number of quality-of-life improvements.

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