No Man's Sky PC and PS4 Patches Out Now [UPDATE]

Hello Games is "totally focused" on customer support right now, will improve the game and add new features later.

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[UPDATE] The patch is out now on PlayStation 4. GameSpot downloaded it, but found no patch notes.

The original story is below.

As promised, Hello Games has now released a new patch for No Man's Sky on PC. While the full patch notes have not yet been released, director Sean Murray wrote on Twitter that the update, available now on Steam and GOG, adds support for "more hardware" and also improves frame rate for lower-spec computers.

A patch for the PlayStation 4 version is also on the way. According to Murray, it will improve stability and "lots more." Patch notes for the console update have also not yet been shared, but the update has been submitted to Sony and should be released "very soon," Murray said.

The developer also wrote on Twitter that "less than one percent" of players have reported issues, though this is presumably only counting people who have filed official support tickets. Whatever the case, Murray said, "We're going to resolve roughly 70% of them this week" with the patches.

While a sales number for No Man's Sky has not been announced, Murray suggested that even 1 percent of players is a big number. "It's pretty crazy for us how many people are playing. And how large a number even 1% of that user base is," he said.

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Finally, he said Hello Games is "totally focused" on customer support efforts right now. After issues are resolved, the studio will "move onto improving and adding features to the game."

Murray has talked about adding new content like "the ability to build bases and own giant space freighters." He has also teased that major-sounding new features could come in the future.

"If you hoped for things like pvp multiplayer or city building, piloting freighters, or building civilizations… that isn't what NMS is," he said. "Over time it might become some of those things through updates."

Some updates will be free, while others could cost money. Murray recently said he was "perhaps naive" to suggest that No Man's Sky would only have free updates.

In other news about No Man's Sky, a dataminer has found references to poop and Xbox One. For more on No Man's Sky, check out GameSpot's review and what other critics are saying.

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Avatar image for megawavez

Well, I'm a 1% 'er - Lost 30 hours of play when the game decided I needed to restart from the beginning and ignore my saves. In reading steam discussions, looks like a lot of people are having trouble with the PC version.

Avatar image for roman_orat

@megawavez: Count me in. Are you getting a blue screen of death after the crash?

We should do something - starting a thread on Steam perhaps for other to check in?

Have you filled a ticket with HG? I do not even know how to do it since after the restart system does not capture any problems before the restart was necessity

Avatar image for kami_amaya

Well whatever the patch was, it fixed the 10+ crash a day problem I was having...

So far...

Avatar image for deviltaz35

@kami_amaya: The anti-aliasing on the PC version is terrible though. It actually seems worse since the patch if that is possible.

Avatar image for DeadlyMustard

In other news about No Man's Sky, a dataminer has found references to poop and Xbox One.

Poop, Xbox one, same thing.

Avatar image for joey07311984

So did they fix the hyperdrive problem already?

Avatar image for erickydullboy

They'd better fix those crash issues. I refuse to play a game that crashes every time.

Avatar image for turbojugend16

@erickydullboy: I refuse to play any game that crashes. If a game crashes even once during my playtime, it's broken!

Avatar image for gruoch1

@turbojugend16: Harsh

Avatar image for turbojugend16

@gruoch1: Why, because I don't want to fork out the dough for piβ poor coding? How about I pay 1/10 value of the product until it gets working?

Avatar image for gruoch1

@turbojugend16: I was more or less joking

Avatar image for EcksTheory

Yes, because everyone else refunded the game. Only one percent stuck around to complain and the other 99 are split between people that will give it a chance and others that wont admit the game wasnt what sean said it was going to be. And no im not talking about the multiplayer stuff.

Avatar image for Barighm

Seems like a game better played after a few months of fixes and content patches.

Avatar image for deviltaz35

@Barighm: It's actually pretty great, was playing it on PC last night and came across a massive land base complete with ships you can purchase and aliens who can upgrade your multi tool and you can trade with.

Watching ships come into land and take off with the undercarriage folding up into the craft is a damn cool touch. There are so many amazing things in this game it can be quite mesmerizing.

Playing the game through decent headphones is a must. The sound is incredible, from Ships flying overhead to environmental sounds. It is very immersive.

I was using the beta test patch before release and it seemed quite stable.

Avatar image for justerthought

"less than one percent" of players with an issue seems a bit naive to the actual scale of the problem. Make no mistake this game is an amazing achievement and a lot of fun, but everyone is hitting issues. This is the problem when a small team makes a big game. Something has to give.

The game has crashed about 4 times now and I also had a grave in space that I could not access, with the nearby planet flickering from left to right showing 2 planets as I raced towards the grave. I eventually had to remove all the loot from my starship to match the state I died in order to pick it up. I had hit an asteroid on the way putting its loot into a slot.

A friend had an issue where he played for 4 hrs with the game not saving his progress. He knew something was not right because every time he exited his ship or used a save beacon, the game would freeze for more than 6 seconds, but he wasn't aware it was failing to record the data.

The latest update has fixed some stutters such as the one when you use a scanning beacon with one of those 4 location choices. The game use to stutter as the camera rose into the air to show you the location. It now pauses until its ready to deliver a smooth movement.

The user interface needs polishing because the popup window for each item is too unstable and often flickers position. It needs locking to a fixed designated position that reliable. Freeform floaty is not good design. The same goes for all the icon text boxes of distant locations. The text boxes are jumping all over the place like a lame PC shareware programme and looks very amateurish with the computer unable decide which position is correct.

I'm afraid "less than one percent" is merely the ones that actually bother to complain or report the problem. After 4 crashes you get a bit tired typing out the auto report and just ignore it. We are not being paid to test the game. We have paid to play it.

Avatar image for gruoch1

@justerthought: Same for me about the saves. Luckily I discovered the game was no longer saving my progress after 40min. So compared to his 4 hours, I don't feel as bad now. Still, this happens frequently. Since I downloaded the new patch on PS4, I've played for about about 3-4 hours. In that time the game has crashed on me 5 times, and the game suddenly stopped saving my progress 3 times. I finally gave up, this game is incredibly fun, but in it's current state it's unplayable. For me, the patch has made most of the game's issues much worse.

Avatar image for jumalan75

@gruoch1: bugs of this variance I understand on PC ... But isn't one of the reasons we expect things to work right on consoles because all the hardware is the same? I feel for everyone having so many issues... I have the ps4 version and have been having a blast... Definitely have had an unusual amount of blue screen crashes, but other than that everything's been great.

My general expectations of the game didn't get as imaginative as most fans... I guess I wasn't let down to the same degree.

It's only looking better from here on out... Or at least I'd like to think so.

Avatar image for Caduceus89

There are only a few things I would like to see in some big updates for NMS. Some more story crumbs including self contained stories on some of the planets. For example, you receive a distress signal that leads to a ship like usual but inside you find a recording or message from the pilot maybe telling why he/she landed on the planet and asking you to fulfill that mission. I also would like the option to harvest seeds and collect eggs to either sell or introduce to new planets. And more robust upgrades for the ship, suit and multitool. Finally, a small update(?) I would like to see is the option to stack things like antimatter and warp cells (5-6 per cell would be perfect) and a separate junk square were all the gek charms, beads and garaphax (I know I spelled that wrong) go.

Avatar image for NbAlIvEr10000

I love the fact people keep bashing the PS4 release for the crashes when Uncharted 4 was having crash problems the same exact way. Whereas a good portion of people like myself haven't had any crashes or any other problems.

Avatar image for deviltaz35

@NbAlIvEr10000: I had some stuttering issues in couple of spots with uncharted 4 but that was all. Mainly where that island is where the statue rises from the ground later.

Avatar image for gruoch1

@NbAlIvEr10000: Why do you love it?? It's great the game isn't crashing on you, but it's crashed on me 5 times just today. I don't know how many times it's crashed in total. I'm not bashing the game, I love it, when it works.

Avatar image for Barighm

@NbAlIvEr10000: I've never encounted any glitch whatsoever in UC4 besides the odd weird graphical bug.

Avatar image for dinosaur_teeth

@NbAlIvEr10000: I've experienced several crashes with NMS, but never with UC4...

Avatar image for Dave1927p

it's less than 1 percent only now because no one is playing it anymore...they've moved on from this lying developer and his piece of mediocrity

Avatar image for jumalan75

@Dave1927p: sounds like someone's imagination ran wild with the hype train!

Personally I've been loving it... Probably got about 80 hrs in so far

One reviewer said it quite well though... "No mans sky was what I expected, but fell short of what it could be"

Just imagine when a big name studio gets their hands on this engine, revamps it, and adds a whole mess of greate features...

Thank you hello games...

Can't wait to see this engine/algorithm reworked in VR and the HTC Vive someday with multiplayer

Avatar image for gruoch1

@Dave1927p: So that's why the servers are under soo much strain, because no one is playing it. After all, if YOU of all people aren't playing it, then clearly no one else is either...

Avatar image for Dave1927p

@gruoch1: i love how offended some of you guys get by a joke. Take it easy there, super chief.

Avatar image for gruoch1

@Dave1927p: Not offended, but I do like being called super chief!

Avatar image for zapin99

Okay a series of random named systems with random named planets with random skins, two animal types (nice or not) with random skins and some tech to find and a ship to upgrade. The Atlas portion took about 20 minutes with decent ship upgrades and now I am just supposed to keep warping my way closer the the center over and over again? I popped in quick since the patch and noticed that my saves are not updating so maybe I do not need to try and find a reason to play it again after all.

Avatar image for Born_Lucky

Less than 1% have "reported issues".

Reported to who? This is typical bull*(** spin.

MOST people on PC have issues but you notice he didn't say anything about that - he just said they haven't "reported" the issues.

Dishonest piece of crap.

Avatar image for deactivated-5c0b07b32bf03

You guys have to understand that 1% is A LOT of people. There are A LOT of people playing NMS. The game is a huge hit.

Avatar image for CptJohnnyRico

@reduc_ab_: Have you seen the user reviews? the game is not a huge hit.

Avatar image for jumalan75

@CptJohnnyRico: yeah people hate it. Ive never seen a game receive so much hate... Says a lot about how bad our society needs something to pull them out of their misery when they get this disappointed and up in arms about something like this....

Been loving it.

Avatar image for deactivated-5c0b07b32bf03

@CptJohnnyRico: There are hundreds of thousands of people playing it right now. As in, at this moment. I'd call that a hit.

Anyway. User reviews are filled to the brim with silly fanboys giving exclusives zeros just because they're exclusive.

Avatar image for ExoticCharm

@reduc_ab_: It sold on hype alone and came out just a week ago, so those numbers aren't impressive. I doubt many people will be playing it a month from now, especially now that people know Sean Murray is full of BS.

Avatar image for deactivated-5c0b07b32bf03

@ExoticCharm: People will be playing this game for a very long time.

Avatar image for Foxhound71

@CptJohnnyRico: Shit*** there fixed it for him.

Avatar image for gruoch1

@Foxhound71: Fixed what?

Avatar image for Barighm

@CptJohnnyRico: By sales standards it is.

Avatar image for d-man

@Barighm: Buyer's Remorse.

Avatar image for catsimboy

I hate it when devs say stuff like "this only affects a minority of users" while they try to cover their ass. Those user's money is just as green as everyone else's and they didn't buy your game just so they could stare at their desktop in frustration every time the game crashes.

Avatar image for dinosaur_teeth

Hopefully this will stop the Crashes...

No patch notes, huh?

"Trust us, it is Fix-ed... If you's don't thinks so, Dino here is Packin', and so's he's gunna help fix ya mind Reals Quick like"...

End Transmission...

Avatar image for tomcat205

WoW thanks! it works in my PC like a charm, really improve stability to frame drops, i caped to 60fps V-sync on, works great!

Avatar image for whatsazerg

Complaints aside.... I'm into my 4th system now and am hauling in 1 million credits every 30 min. Me thinks I'll be hanging around in this system for a while. :P