No Man's Sky Modder Keeps Adding Sean Murray's Face To The Game

One No Man's Sky modder is playfully protesting the lack of the Frontiers expansion by creatively adding Sean Murray's head to random objects in the game.


Five years after it first launched, No Mans Sky has expanded its universe with a number of free expansions. The next DLC is titled Frontiers, and for one fan, it can't come soon enough. There's no concrete release date yet for Frontiers, and as a way to stave off boredom, video producer Winder Sun has begun modding Sean Murray's face into the game.

It's all in good fun though, as the No Man's Sky director seems impressed with just how far Winder Sun is willing to take this experiment. The first day began with Murray's face being placed on an exocraft spaceship, day two saw his visage plastered over portals and warps to disturbing effect, and on day three you could spot Murray-faced blobs on several planets.

Even Winder Sun's avatar in No Man's Sky has had some digital surgery to resemble Murray, who this week has been seen exploring a planet where all the flora has evolved a natural Murray camouflage system.

There's no telling if there are any limits to Winder Sun's goal to create a universe that's all Murray all the Murray-time, or if this will all end with the MurrayVerse collapsing into a grinning singularity with a luxurious beard.

After a rocky launch, No Man's Sky has gone from strength to strength over the years and earlier this year the game crossed over with Mass Effect to mark the release of the Mass Effect Legendary Edition. If you haven't experienced it yet, No Man's Sky is still worth trying out, especially on PS4 and PS5 as one of the best PlayStation VR games on those platforms.

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