No Man's Sky Getting New PS4 Patch This Week

"We obviously won't stop until these issues are 100% resolved."

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Now Playing: GS News Update: No Man's Sky Getting New PS4 Patch This Week

A new patch is coming to the PlayStation 4 version of No Man's Sky this week, Hello Games has announced. When it's released, it will mean that around 90 percent of the space game's crash issues have been resolved, the developer behind the ambitious space-adventure game said on Twitter.

The new patch, 1.06, is currently in testing and is scheduled to come out this week, Hello Games said, though a specific release date was not announced.

You can expect further patches, too, as part of Hello Games' effort to fix all crash scenarios on PS4.

"We obviously won't stop until these issues are 100% resolved," the developer said (via "Also these patches contain other fixes and improvements too. Thanks all."

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Hello Games also shared some details on how crash-reporting works for No Man's Sky. Every time the game crashes, a report is sent to Hello Games. Since the game's launch on August 9, the studio has been collecting these and categorizing them in order of priority.

"This has been incredibly useful, and allows us to know exactly how many people are affected," it said.

Hello Games has updated the PS4 version of No Man's Sky at least two other times since launch to fix the crashing problems.

The PC version of No Man's Sky has not been without its issues, either, including things like performance and frame rate problems in addition to crashes. Hello Games has patched that version a number of times since its release on August 12--and more updates are on the way.

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