No Man’s Sky Fan Buys Leaked Copy, Posts Videos

Jumping into the universe early.


Update 2: Following Daily Motion taking his videos down, Daymeeuhn posted an update to Reddit saying that he would not be making any more videos. "That's it from me video-wise," he said. "[Hello Games] and Sean [Murray] don't like it, it's giving me a headache dealing with the fallout[.] I don't want to be the guy that spoiled all this cool s***, and I'm just leaving it at that!"

Talking with Kotaku, Daymeeuhn explained further that Sean Murray's disappointment made him feel bad about leaking footage. He said, "I expected Sean to tweet negatively about it because, let's face it, it's his job to... But I'll admit, after watching so many of his interviews and knowing how cool of a guy he seems, it did make me feel a bit guilty. It wasn't the sole reason for my decision, but it was certainly a factor."

Update: The videos have been removed from Daily Motion, although they're being uploaded again by other users on sites like YouTube.

Original Story:

No Man's Sky is one of the most anticipated games of the year, and it's supposed to launch on August 9 on PS4 and PC. But one fan got his hands on the game early, and he has begun posting videos of it online.

A person going by the username Daymeeuhn apparently purchased a leaked PS4 copy of the game for a really large sum--according to this post on Reddit, he spent $1250 for the chance to play it early (the Ebay listing has since been removed, so take this number with a grain of salt). He has also begun publishing videos of the game on Daily Motion, and he says that he'll continue to do so.

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This is surely not what publisher Sony or developer Hello Games wanted, and it's likely that Sony is attempting to get the videos removed from Daily Motion right now. At the moment, however, they're all live, and Daymeeuhn says that he'll post a new video shortly. In addition, Hello Games' Sean Murray has asked fans on Twitter to not watch the videos, saying, "We've spent years filling No Man’s Sky with surprises. You've spent years waiting. Please don't spoil it for yourself."

If you're not concerned about spoiling the game's introduction or first moments, though, you can watch the videos here. We'll update this story with any new information we get about the leaks or Sony's response to them.

While you wait for the August 9 release date, you can check out our feature, "Making Sense of No Man's Sky's Massive Universe." You can also read about a potential copyright controversy that Hello Games has said isn't actually an issue.

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only just heard about this game yesterday

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@greebe55: Congrats on coming to the surface!

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Why are people surprised a person can get a copy now? The game releases in a little over a week. They don't start producing copies on release day and game copies aren't the most valuable items guarded by the most honorable people.

When I use to work retail, every single big release was tempting, because there was stack of the latest/greatest sitting in the warehouse a week or so before release. All I'm saying is there will always be leaks, because the industry relies on normal people with normal jobs. This will hopefully change when everything goes completely digital, but I don't expect that anytime soon.

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@PS2fweak: I may or may not have pocketed a copy of GTA V a week early....

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@DeadlyMustard: Too bad you don't know for sure.

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he is/was the first victim of this dull game

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Indeed, one has to ask how exactly this guy managed to get hold of a legitimate copy so early?

Sounds like some very dodgy dealing going on here and man, what the hell kind of purchase price is that?

But anyway, I'm just waiting for the incoming shit-storm this game is going to generate when it does get reviewed.

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More interested in how someone came about the Leaked copy to sell.

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Smells like PR stunt.

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It's always sad that people think the thing that makes them "special" is trying to mess sh#t up for other people.

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@snugglebear: It's just the "first" generation. It's not about messing shit up. People just want attention by any means.

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I will persevere and wait till it's out and die happily while playing the game.

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This is called pure marketing strategy by Game Developers!!!

Avatar image for snugglebear

@khayaal: No, Sean Murray even told people to chill with watching all the videos and articles. To just wait and enjoy since it's out so soon.

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@khayaal: Yeah I'm getting that feeling too. You can't trust anything you read online these days. Everything is an ad.

Even this.

Drink Pepsi.

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@Bread_or_Decide: Pepsi sucks!

*This post brought to you by Coca Cola*

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@chippiez: I really want to try out Pepsi now that I know crooked Coca Cola advertises like this.... or are you really a Pepsi looney that's trying to make me overthink and not like Coke?

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The game industry became something bizarre. Games like Pokemon Go, Minecraft, No man sky, etc.. Being hyped as hell. I will not judge the taste of the masses, but talking by myself... It's really wierd to see these kind of games being praised.

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@gleencross: It just proves that there's room for all tastes in gaming. More mainstream and AAA titles like Uncharted 4 or Fallout 4 still earn acclaim but games that would have taken a backseat two console generations ago are now finding large followings as well, and where there's a large enough following you can be sure that media outlets will be right there waiting to cover and/or exploit it all.

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@gleencross: I think its the Industry revolting a tiny bit against the status quo... The industry is desperately hungry for originality. We want to try new things and new experiences. The industry has gotten a bit stagnant, I think. I don't think it is weird... i think its great. :)

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@p1p3dream: I have a similar pov. The public is really hungry for originality, sure. But we have to agree that the so called "survivor" genre became something saturated so fast, so freaking fast. Minecraft was launched 5 years ago, idk, and we have hundreds of "clones" already. No man sky follows the same principle. So the industry is suffering for somekind of a paradox, they want originality but they finance copies at the same time.

I honestly think most people are excited with No man sky just because the game opens up more opportunities for people to enter on the "youtuber" world, exploiting the biased public with moronic content. Instead of this fake hype.

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Wow daily motion caved. That was the go to site.

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if I had $1200 to blow I'd build a PC that could actually run the game :D

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The fear kicks any game, 60% is pure hype, and if you remove that; people won't buy it on an impulse.

Look at the pre-sale numbers: people buy games without even see them; and from what we have seen from NMS, you saw nothing basically. The game could be as boring as Elite Dangerous, from what we know (especially after that the developer said "don't expect to see many planet inhabited at all").

The "don't spoil your experience" translate in "if people see footage of the game before release, they may cancel their pre-order or not buy the game at all; and we would loose hype effect and money".

Avatar image for p1p3dream

@darshie76: Or maybe... They just don't want the experience spoiled. :) I can understand where they are coming from and would feel the same way if it was my project.

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@p1p3dream: And that would be fine for me; if there was something to spoil :) Is not like they are posting the ending of the game after all.

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@darshie76: Yeah, it's pretty crazy. The public accept this scam of pre-sale. Even state of the art games like Witcher 3 had a very problematic release. People buy DLCs, people spend their time watching others playing Minecraft, etc.. The internet transformed the industry in the most bizarre way possible. The only aspect that I consider positive is the indie games, but even those can suffer twisted consequences (kickstarter).

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@gleencross: W3 gameplay was played often, almost at any game convention... they were good at not spoiling anything, but the videos made so many people interested in the game....that's the whole point of a good marketing campaing. And the game, had issues but it is a 10 out of 10, with nothing coming close to it... considering how big is that team, I would say that they are really talented and absolutely amazing at making what they do.

Pre-sale is OK; at least you are not paying now for a game released in 10 years; DLC if done right (means add something to the game, not cut part of the game, which should be in the main disk, and sell them as DLC), is acceptable too; Fallout did some nice DLC, same for the Witcher, but there are plenty of good games with good DLC.

Remember that you, the customer, have the power to push good teams and good products; while rejecting crappy stuff...this benefit the whole community, not only one person, and I wish that many would think in this way.

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@darshie76: Take a deep breath, dude. It will be okay. The game is probably going to do really well, no matter how much you may wish it won't.

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@reduc_ab_: Dude, I am totally calm... my life goes on either if the game is successful or not, believe me.

With all the noise that the postponed launch and the "leaked" copy is generating, people will end up buying the game just because they can. My comment was pointing out why they are so concerned about the "leak", not talking at all if the game is good or not. If it is boring, that does not have anything to do with the quality of the game.

Not sure which retard would hope for a game to fail, if there is no personal gain. Hello games does not pay me if the game fail, so give me one reason why your statement should remotely make sense.

Forgot...this is internet; some people troll and they have no life; while others assume stuff. Carry on...nothing to see here.

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@darshie76: Again, take a breath. You'll feel better. Promise.

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@reduc_ab_: People often say to others, what they want to hear from others. I can help you, don't worry.

Avatar image for deactivated-5c0b07b32bf03

@darshie76: Fair enough. I'm just saying not everyone is trying to troll you, friend. It was an innocent suggestion, nothing more. Have a nice day.

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@reduc_ab_: I don't want to troll either; just expressing a personal opinion.

Someone may agree or disagree; but respect of other's opinions is what I imply.

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@darshie76: Hey man. Despite the fact that Sony may see it like this, their games division being their biggest asset and all, did it ever occur to you that the people who pour their lives into these incredible and technically amazing products actually just want people to have the best time possible with their hard work?

I mean, seriously, what is with all the fucking cynicism around here? Sure, there are companies that see nothing but profit as their end game, a lot of them no doubt.

But maybe, just maybe, there are a few people out left out there that passionate about what they do and just want to try and give people a bit of enjoyment among the doom and gloom that dominates our cultural discourse.

Just a thought. Try it sometime.

I'm out.

Avatar image for darshie76

@autocatbot12: Yes, it occur to me, since I dedicated my career to the exact point that you mention right now. I had the dream to make a game; change people's lives. I ended up looking behind the colored glass.

The problem is that not everything that you hear, is what is going on. Marketing is a powerful ally, and the market nowadays is driven not by the best product, but by the best marketing and community. A programmer may pour his/her life in a product; but once marketing kicks in, the good thought go toward making money; and the most of it.

You are mixing up feelings that Hello Games team may have, with a corporate attitude like the one that Sony has; they are different, they go in totally different directions. HG probably needed them to complete the game; otherwise they would go fully indie, or maybe they would never release the game. They compromise, and one of the compromise is often the corporate mentality leaking in your product.

If we want to talk about the romantic aspect of making a game, I am all for it; but if we have to close our eyes and think that the world out there is beautiful and there is no wrongdoing; then I believe we are on 2 different planes of existence. I respect HG for their work; I do not respect the marketing and the hype-makers out there, that have profit as only objective. Sadly, in almost 20 years of career, I did see more of the latter. You become cynical, it is not a choice.

Avatar image for guitarpete462

@darshie76: What is/was/has been your career, if you don't mind me asking? Because all sense of romantic awe, wonder, or sentimentality seems to have abandoned you at this point, lol!

Marketing itself is an art. And I do not feel that it is wrong for artists to market themselves. I know several who break their backs to promote themselves. And it's not really always motivated by greed. It's about exposure, about guaranteeing their next gig, their next chance to prove themselves.

They want to be promoted well, and with the proper level of mystery and allure, to inspire grand sales, so that their financiers, in Hello Games' current situation that would be Sony, are pleased so that they can be well funded in creating more art.

Hell, it's human nature to seek comfort, and money brings comfort in this world, but the true artist cares most about two things -- how they feel about their work and how it is received by others. And in this case, seeing anything about the game from a second source such as watching someone else play it absolutely breaks the experience. And Hello Games knows it. It's less about maintaining control over a release date than it is ensuring that this highly exploratory and sensory game plays out as it was intended in the mind of the player.

Not all artists want to be starving ones, and that's fine!

Avatar image for darshie76

@guitarpete462: I did start as beta tester, moved on development and in the end, I moved out of the game development field because I was disappointed; and started to work on applications and hardware drivers.

I do not have issues with marketing per se; I have issues when you sell air, not a product; when you leverage on human psyche to entice them in buying your product. One thing is to sell cleverly with nice ads, another is to create hype to get preorder money, and then if the customers are disappointed...who cares; let's move on the next project. EA is selling iterative products since 1998, people continue to complain about it but continue to buy them; so there is no real way out here.

If we talk about indie studios, then exposure is the objective, but once you get under a publisher, you are not free anymore; and they want you to make something that sell, without care if the product is innovative. The less risks you take, the more you follow some guidelines (which are generated by marketing gurus that knows what people like and buy), the better is the return for them...and you still keep your job. If the project sink, you need a new job, and they move to the next studio.

I disagree with you about "see someone else playing a game absolutely break the experience"; look at all the "let's play" videos on youtube...people love to see how a game look like, before purchase it. I did discover many games that I would never buy without try them, and once I see them in action, I buy them and play them. Of course if a game has a story, you don't want it spoiled...but NMS has no story; you make your own story; and there are no big spoilers for the first 2 years of gameplay probably; since the objective is to get to the center of the galaxy...and it will take some time for sure. A gameplay video say more than a ton of fried air sold by marketing; ask people that purchased the new Sim City for 59 bucks, and then ask how happy were the people that purchased that gem called Cities Skyline.

The guy didn't release the gold master on a torrent site, before launch; the guy simply gave others a peek about what the game is all about :)

Avatar image for Unfallen_Satan

@autocatbot12: I am confused about your reasoning. How does that guy's posting gameplay video ruin the game for people who want to have the best time possible? I admit a lot of set pieces in Uncharted or CoD are less amazing the second time, so I stay away from videos of those games.

Avatar image for autocatbot12

@Unfallen_Satan: I don't know if you're being intentionally disingenuous, though I wouldn't want to sound like a hypocrite now...

But come onnnn... really? You don't think that this kind of thing, at least on some level, spoils that little bit of magic for some people? I know what you'd say, sure they don't have to watch it. But you know people will, because they can't help themselves. And before long, word gets around and it's shoved down our throats on the gaming news sites.

So back to the developers. They graft their bones off on these projects for years. They clearly see this as an experience instead of just a game and they're clearly super proud of it and want us all to experience it together for the first time with fresh eyes. And maybe it's just one of those things that needs that kind of perspective going in, if it's truly that next-gen bridge most of us hopes it will be.

And then some clown decides hey look, **** the experience here's the "magic", scrutinize the **** out of it before you get the chance to experience it because that's exactly what we worked for, right? right?

Functionally, yeah, it might be a steaming turd. But then what if it isn't?

If you don't truly see the sadness in this, then that makes me feel sad.


I forgot to add the point that the reason people even do this kind of leak in the first place. For a cheap bit of free publicity and attention. Which just makes it that whole lot worse right?

I can't speak for the guy, not seen the videos, but if he actually enjoyed this game, why wouldn't just being the smuggest shit in town be infinitely better than taking the edge off for so many others, for the sake of, "I'm that guy".

He even admitted he felt bad about it. Which is actually a comforting thought.

Avatar image for Unfallen_Satan

@autocatbot12: I honestly do not see the harm of what video poster did. I recognize the game makers put a lot of effort into their game. They are perfectly within their rights to allege wrongdoing by the poster. I do not get in what way their exercising their right to take down the video is good for the rest of the public. I do not know what is disingenuous about my asking that question. We are not the same people. We do not necessarily share the same values.

I agree that it could be a problem if the gaming media got in the action, and reports about the leaked gameplay become difficult to avoid. For a more restrained news site like Gamespot, you might ask that they do not report on leaked videos.

I completely disagree with your blaming people's conscious acts against their own interest on the availability of things that assist in that act. People who knowingly and willingly watch the spoiler videos and then complain about how it ruined the game for them are the real disingenuous ones. I think it's crazy that others have to help people like that by withholding information from the general public, a great majority of whom either want to find out about the game or will not think twice about avoiding the videos.

My problem is with the attitude that "clearly all reasonably people must appreciate this issue from our perspective." I am not criticizing the devs for taking down the videos. They have IP rights and licensing rights to that content. As you say, they want to control the narrative. However, there is no shortage of hyped up, suck ass games. So, I think it is not unreasonable for people to say, without violating the devs rights, "we can't just take you at your word."

Ironic, since the video poster says he was trying to show how great the game is.

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@autocatbot12: Just wanted to point out that the guy who bought the game for 1250 dollars did that because he wanted to play it before everyone, he posted in reddit that he was able to get a 100% real copy of the game and placed some pictures of it, users of reddit where so curious about the game and asked him to post videos and stream, you are kinda confused, the guy wasn't a d bag he said he was only going to give minor spoiler videos, you really need to read all the info on reddit before saying that, it's not like he came and started posting videos for the sake of it, it was the actual users at reddit that asked him for it, besides it was so minor that's not really that bad... only a small sneakpeak...