No Man's Sky Expeditions Update Adds Seasons In New Multiplayer Game Mode

The community can rally around shared goals and earn exclusive rewards in the latest update for the space exploration game.


No Man's Sky's 3.3 update, called Expeditions, introduces a new game mode that will change every season. The new mode goes right alongside the existing Normal, Creative, Survival, and Permadeath modes. The multiplayer mode lets players explore a planet together and reach milestones to foster a sense of community and welcome in new players.

Hello Games promises that each season will introduce new adventures for the community to explore together. In Expeditions, all players start on the same planet, and completing missions will unlock mission patches to display. You'll also get cosmetic rewards that you can take back into the other game modes, like a new jetpack, exclusive ship, weapon, and title already available.

The Expeditions also includes some tweaks to the overall game as well. A Target Sweep mode expands your exploration options with new survey techniques, and missions have been overhauled to include the Target Sweep mechanic. Space Station missions have gotten an overhaul with greater rewards for higher-level missions. The UI and HUD have been overhauled as well, and Hello has made changes to early game balance and building instructions as well as bug fixes.

Hello Games has been regularly updating No Man's Sky with everything from overhauling the beginning of the game to imbuing derelict ships with a creepy horror theme. The latest update, Companions, added pets just over a month ago.

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