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No Man's Sky Discovery Names Reportedly Erased for Some Players

Some players are reporting that their chosen names for animals and plants are being wiped.


No Man's Sky has been out for a couple weeks now, and players have been busy naming countless plants, animals, and planets that they have discovered. However, it seems that naming things in the game might not be as permanent as many people thought: Some players are now reporting that their custom names for plants and animals are being erased.

In a post on the No Man's Sky subreddit, user Dark_Nexis stated that when they went back to some of the planets they discovered early on in the game, all of their names for locations, creatures, and plants were gone.

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Essentially, the planet had reverted back to its pre-discovery state. Although the planet and star system still listed Dark_Nexis as the discoverer and still retained their custom names, nothing else on the planet had kept its name.

Another user, Ultrasilvanus, corroborated the issue. Apparently, when they revisited past planets after several days, animal discoveries had reverted to being listed as "?????????" In addition, Ultrasilvanus did some sleuthing and determined that the discoveries were being erased in chronological order--that is, the oldest discoveries were disappearing first. This would suggest that there might be a max number of things that a player can name before they start being erased.

This isn't the first instance of players reporting disappearing discovery names. Soon after release, some players found that their star system and planet names had been overridden, too.

Developer Hello Games has not commented on this yet, but we've reached out to it and Sony for clarification about what's happening. We'll update this article with any new info we get.

No Man's Sky is available on PS4 and PC, but it had quite a few issues after its launch. Hello Games is working hard on fixes for these problems, and new patches will arrive soon. Keep an eye on GameSpot for more news about No Man's Sky in the coming weeks.

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