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No Man's Sky Dev Teases Next Game And It Sounds Very Ambitious

"It's the kind of project that even if we had a thousand people working on it, it'd still seem impossible."


No Man's Sky developer Hello Games is working on a new project that sounds very ambitious. Studio co-founder and managing director Sean Murray told IGN that the project is similar to No Man's sky in that it has bold ambitions, though it is not No Man's Sky 2.

"For a while now we've been working on something pretty ambitious in the background. It's a small team but we like it that way," Murray said. "Similar to No Man's Sky, it's the kind of project that even if we had a thousand people working on it, it'd still seem impossible."

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Hello Games has yet to announce this game officially, so there is very little to go on. Murray did, however, confirm that the work being done on this new project is not taking away from the studio's ongoing commitment to growing and evolving No Man's Sky.

"No Man's Sky is not being held back by the next project but neither is the new thing being slowed by No Man's Sky," he said. "We're lucky enough to be able to allow folks to move freely to work on what excites them."

For what it's worth, No Man's Sky just got a big new update, Outlaws, that adds a criminal underworld and makes changes to space combat, among other things. Check out the full No Man's Sky Outlaws patch notes to learn more.

Murray speaking with great aplomb about Hello Games' next project is reminiscent of how he discussed No Man's Sky many years ago. Some criticized Murray for overpromising and underdelivering at launch, and even Sony's Shuhei Yoshida said the strategy to speak in this way "wasn't a good PR strategy." No Man's Sky proved, in the end, to be a huge success that is still putting up very big numbers today on Steam and elsewhere.

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