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No Man's Sky Dev Announces Ambitious Open-World Multiplayer Game Light No Fire

Hello Games describes the ambitious new project as "the first real open world."


Hello Games founder Sean Murray appeared at The Game Awards to discuss the studio's next game, a project he calls even more ambitious than No Man's Sky. Titled Light No Fire, it's an open-world fantasy multiplayer game with a massive world.

Though the game looks very similar to No Man's Sky in some ways, it seems aimed at taking place on a single huge world instead of multiple, procedurally generated worlds. Murray called it "the first real open world," with mountains that are taller than Everest.

A brief gameplay trailer showed building mechanics; flying on birds, dragons, and other creatures; and loads of fantasy races.

No release date was given for the new game, though Hello Games also teased more updates coming to No Man's Sky as well. Murray mentioned Light No Fire has been quietly in development for the last five years, and he hopes Light No Fire will continue to live on like No Man's Sky has, for the next 10 years and beyond.

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