No Man's Sky Coming to PC 3 Days Later Than PS4, Dev Confirms

Thankfully, it's not much of a delay.

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Over the past couple weeks, the question of No Man's Sky's PC release date has caused a lot of confusion. Specifically, there was a discrepancy between the release date listed on developer Hello Games' website and the date on the game's Steam page. Hello Games has finally put the confusion to rest, however, confirming that the PC version has been delayed three days to August 12.

It was originally scheduled for release on August 9 alongside the PS4 version in the United States, but today on Twitter, Hello Games founder Sean Murray tweeted confirmation of the delay. "PC NMS release will now be global and will be August 12th worldwide. It's so important we get it right and make the best version we can."

In a subsequent tweet, he provided a bit of explanation as to why the date changed. He wrote, "We think a global release is best for everyone on PC. Retail forces us to be staggered on PS4."

This likely also gives Hello Games a bit more time to fully finish the big first update for the game. The patch is substantial, adding new content and features in addition to squashing bugs. The studio has been working on the patch since No Man's Sky went gold back in July.

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Avatar image for Grenadeh

Confirmed 2 days ago? We've known about this for a minimum of 2 weeks. Why are b*tches whining? It comes out on Friday and you don't have to try to fit it into your work week? THE HORROR!

Oh right none of you have real jobs and you probably work on the weekend.

Avatar image for corvus_dove

Being in the software dev industry and an avid pc gamer,I totally understand this delay. The genres NMS covers are traditionally in the domain of pc gaming more than console,and I think the decision to delay is actually a response to the success of the pre orders. Hello Games probably looked at the count, considered what their load balancers can handle,and staggered the release so as to be responsible in regards to performance and connectivity. How many times have we seen a game release only to have tons of disappointed players because the servers overloaded? If hello games is opting to not be the next EA or UbiSoft, more power to them.

As an aside, this is also an effective way to prevent further leaks or software piracy; a global release discourages people who would have been slighted by the earlier North America release from obtaining pirated North American copies.

Avatar image for deactivated-58183aaaa31d8

@corvus_dove: Finally someone with a functioning brain.

Avatar image for deactivated-5ae060efb3bf6

Guessing more do to with $$$ than "global PC release".

Avatar image for Tommi88

Who is stupid enough to buy this game on ps4 just because of the change of release date? The ps4 is just a huge bottleneck.


Avatar image for yoda101280

I would still love for them to give a reason for this. The game was gold over a month ago, so even for last minute fixes they've had time to get that done, I know they're not going to be working on a day one patch down to the wire, you don't want to launch a game with a patch that you barely got to vet. So what exactly is the need for those 3 days? They might have a little less rage if they gave people a reason, hell they didn't even give a stupid reason that no one believes like most game companies tend to do.

Avatar image for Frost71

I've been waiting for this game since the first day they showed it off at E3. Can't wait another three days, canceled my Steam pre-order and pre-ordered for PS4. I figure if it's that good i'll just buy it for PC as well.

Avatar image for deactivated-58a78a043e9d4

@Frost71: They announced it at the VGX awards, 6 months before E3. Small point, but just for the record.

Avatar image for yoda101280

@pongley: He said he's been waiting for it since he first saw it at E3, he didn't say that's when they first showed it.

Avatar image for deactivated-58183aaaa31d8

I can't believe people actually think they did this to increase PS4 sales.

I thought gamers were supposed to be smart nerd types? Bunch of fucking morons in this comments section clearly disproves that.

Avatar image for Grenadeh

@dexda: HAHAAHAHAHAHHAAHHAAH who in the world ever game you the impression gamers are smart?

Gamers are the dumbest people on the planet. Go watch some of the idiots who make videos on YouTube, especially the console players.

Avatar image for deactivated-5ae060efb3bf6

@dexda: I agree, if that was the case, then why not make a system bundle....

Avatar image for deactivated-58183aaaa31d8

@Triton: But even that, it is one game. If someone was waiting for this game on PC, why the hell would they hear this news and then immediately go buy a PS4 bundle? Instead know.....waiting three days.

No three days is too much so I am going to go spend several hundred on a new system.......sorry but anyone who actually considered that just because of three days delay is mentally subnormal.

Avatar image for yoda101280

@dexda: Yes b/c your comment which states absolutely nothing to prove that stance wrong is the product of supreme intelligence on display, clearly.

Avatar image for deactivated-58183aaaa31d8

@yoda101280: Anyone with even a slight bit of intelligence can see that it is utter shit what people are saying.

For one Sony doesn't NEED to increase its sales. It is already kicking ass this gen.

Not to mention how the **** is releasing a game three days early going to make people buy a PS4 exactly?

NO ONE with any sense pays several hundred £/$ to play a game three days early.

You couldn't even come to this basic and simple conclusion yourself. Fucking embarrassing.

Avatar image for yoda101280


For one Sony doesn't NEED to increase its sales. It is already kicking ass this gen.

It's called business, the idea is to sell as many consoles/units as possible not just do better than the other guy and then call it a day.

Not to mention how the **** is releasing a game three days early going to make people buy a PS4 exactly?

The idea is to make them buy the game on PS4 instead of PC, I don't know if this is news to you but some people do own both you know. That said there are some people who can afford to buy a console just to play one game it would not be the first time that has happened.

NO ONE with any sense pays several hundred £/$ to play a game three days early.

I agree no one with sense does but the world is full of senseless people. People have already paid well more than retail to get their hands on those leaked copies, that one guy paid around $1200 dollars so again your point is not only proven wrong it assumes everyone regards several hundred dollars as a lot of money, which is also not true.

You couldn't even come to this basic and simple conclusion yourself. Fucking embarrassing.

It's clear to me that you're most likely a teenager as you act like an idiot even online. Before you call other people ignorant you should at least take the time to make sure the stupid things spewing from your brain are factual and accurate. Far as not figuring it out for myself, I wasn't supporting the argument I simply pointed out how stupid it is to call someone ignorant without providing any evidence to prove them wrong. All you did was express your opinion, which is all they did, so if they're ignorant then by your own metric so are you.

Avatar image for mordeaniis

Used my last chuck of PTO (just enough for sick time left) for this release. It ends the day the fuckin game comes out, instead of starting the day before like originally communicated. Kind of ticked that this wasn't sorted out until now, when it is way too late for me to change.

Avatar image for reavern

I'm okay with the PC version launching on Friday, so I can play it all weekend, instead of only playing it in the evenings during the week. Often when games are released on a Tuesday, I don't get around to playing them until the weekend anyway; or I play them for a few evenings, then something comes up and I never go back to play them again. I get the sense that NMS is the kind of game that's best to dive in deep with a weekend marathon.

I just hope No Man's Sky lives up to the hype. I had some reservations about the game, because I prefer games with stories and characters, whereas I usually get bored with open-world exploration games after a while. Despite that, I decided to take a chance and bought NMS on Steam. I hope I don't regret it.

Avatar image for yoda101280

@reavern: Yeah but it screwed over us folks who are off during the week like myself lol. I'm off Tues.-Thurs so the 9th was a great date for me. On days I work I really don't have time for gaming so basically I won't be playing until late on the 15th now, oh well.

Avatar image for gigaton

well this is fucking bullshit I was waiting for the game to come out for so long thinking that it would be released the 9th but then I hear that its being released 3 days later than what I heard for PC that just should not be a thing release the fucking game the same day as fucking ps4 you fucking *** developers you guys are the fucking definition of bad fucking planning we have all been waiting forever then you have to tell us of your fucking stupid ass idea to release it later for the fucking PC

Avatar image for pimphand_gamer

Gamer's are more selfish, greedy and brand loyal than the gaming corporations themselves. They also are better than corporations at playing the victim by pointing fingers in every direction but towards themselves. It's very fascinating. Gaming companies really need to monopolize on this more by making sure their marketing catalysts are vague and sparse enough to let the gamer's do all the work and advertisement for them.

Avatar image for BabeNewelll

Ib4 someone makes this a big deal ... Oh wait.

Avatar image for naryanrobinson

I keep forgetting this is also coming out on PC for some reason.

I don't think it's exactly my kind of game, not being focused enough and everything.

But it's great that it's on PC too, I'll definitely pick it up some time, probably when it's 50% off.

Avatar image for Grenadeh

@naryanrobinson: You keep forgetting for some reason, or you are saying it's also coming out on PC for "some reason"?

Because this game belongs on PC and frankly should only be on PC. This is where open world sandbox space exploration games belong. Space Engineers, Empyrion, Starbound, Elite Dangerous, etc etc etc etc.

Avatar image for tr4newreck

how many tards will buy a ps4 i wonder... your the reason the game industry sucks sometimes, you incentivize this type of bs.

Avatar image for DeadlyMustard

Fucking A. I want a PS4 but damn if this will make me do it!

Avatar image for clayt169

@DeadlyMustard : Don't do it. That's why they delayed the pc version.

Avatar image for almatha

yup Sony did this on purpose i dare say sales of ps4s will go up because of it. and i said f0ck it and i bought a ps4 to play it earlier haha yeah (not as early as others i rather just play it on day one with the day one patch) but yeah plus i get little big planet 3 and the final fantasy 15 so no big deal. if you dont have a next gen console yet but thoughtt about it dont be afraid to get the ps4 for it.

Avatar image for sleepingdawg

@almatha: umm what you bought a PS4 for 3 days of 1 game ?

Avatar image for NaturallyEvil

This actually makes sense to do for this game. On PS4, they need the impulse buys to be strong because once people see that the game is nothing like Halo, most console gamers won't understand it and the hype will die quickly. PC gamers are more familiar with this type of game, and people will be more sure about whether they're interested before making a purchase.

It's too bad Nintendo doesn't have a console that could handle NMS, because Metroid fans might be more into this sort of thing.

Avatar image for slickreed

@NaturallyEvil: Thats the dumbest reason I ever heard, staggering game release helps NO ONE, only hurts games reputation with other platforms.

Avatar image for sleepingdawg

@NaturallyEvil: this isnt selling ps4s due to the 3 day later release on PC. The amount of people who will do this is probably less than 1000 and thats being optimistic.

Avatar image for yoda101280

@sleepingdawg: Selling PS4's probably not, increase the number of units they move for people who own PS4's and PC's, I'm pretty sure it will. You've already had people paying way more than the game is worth to get those leaked copies, you think there aren't going to be plenty of people willing to pay the regular retail to try it early on PS4 or hell even buy it on PS4 to play early then get it on PC too. For some people throwing away an extra $60 is not really a big deal either b/c they have money like that or b/c they have no life to spend it on anything else so they don't GAF.

Avatar image for madcat_mikie

This game has had an extremely messy launch... makes me worried about the quality of the PC port.

Avatar image for runstalker

@madcat_mikie: The launch that... hasn't occurred yet?

And arguably the delay from June serves to improve the launch next week, and fortify the first major patch.

As for retailer leaks and streamers, it's tough (impossible?) to blame that on the game's developer.

Avatar image for reavern

@runstalker: Actually, a two month delay doesn't bode well, especially because the delay was announced back in April or May. If a game is broken enough to push it's release date, it's unlikely those problems are going to get fixed in only 2 months. Even if they were fixed, they should've done another round of QA testing before launch, to ensure the fixes work properly.

My prediction is that NMS is going to have a messy launch -- most likely server issues when potentially a million gamers try connecting to the shared, procedurally-generated universe. I expect that if there are going to be problems, it's more likely going to happen for the PC version, because the dev obviously cares more about the PS4 version, since it's launching first.

Avatar image for kheirank

It's really funny how this site forgot to include the real reason why it's being delayed on pc, which is to add 21:9 aspect ratio support.

Avatar image for Karmazyn

@kheirank: is changing res in .ini file not enough?

Avatar image for Purpledust

@kheirank: yes, im pretty sure thats all they're adding. sigh another one

Avatar image for Blitzer9999GT

Ill wait 3 days for the better version.

Avatar image for runstalker

Americas Aug.9

Europe Aug.10

(Physical retail copies to consider)

PC digital worldwide Aug.12

(simultaneous digital storefronts)

All the dumbass theories about "Sony paying them to delay" or "must be damage control" etc. etc. -- you guys are so bizarre.

Making shit up, hardcore.

Brace yourself: It's just software release logistics.

And it's just a couple days.

Avatar image for slickreed

@runstalker: hI dummy, maybe try reading the article before commenting?

"Retail forces us to be staggered on PS4."

Avatar image for freeryu

@runstalker: It's probably so the servers don't overload. I guess if they had to delay a platform they would delay the platform they have no deal with.

Avatar image for runstalker

@freeryuMaybe, and that's certainly more logical than most of the paranoid commentary.

But I have to wonder if NMS is a particularly stressful game with regards to server load. It really doesn't seem like that would be a major resource hog considering the nature of the game's save states and very limited overlapping between players.: