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No Man's Sky and Mario Merge Into One in This Fan-Made Game

No Mario's Sky has you exploring Mario-like planets as the Italian plumber himself.


[UPDATE] Nintendo apparently stepped in and shut down No Mario's Sky, though the game lives on as DMCA's Sky.

The original story is below.

No Man's Sky lets you explore a vast universe, land on planets, and discover sometimes ridiculous-looking creatures. Mario has you controlling an Italian plumber as you jump on mushrooms with faces. Put those two together, and you've got a pretty cool game that was made in 72 hours (via WIRED).

Developed by ASMB Games, No Mario's Sky puts you in control of Mario, as he explores planets that are somewhat reminiscent of his past games. You start on a level that resembles World 1-1 from the original Super Mario Bros., but your spaceship gives you the ability to travel to other planets. However, instead of discovering new species of animals, you're squishing different-looking Goombas. Also, there's a muscly Toad that could definitely steal your lunch money. Of course, he tells you the Princess is on another planet.

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No Mario's Sky was made in 72 hours as part of the ancient-technology-themed game jam Ludum Dare 36. It's playable on PC, Mac, and Linux, and you can download it for free on The game's page describes it as "just your run-of-the-mill Mario-explores-the-universe-game."

It's worth noting that Nintendo is likely to have No Mario's Sky removed. Two fan-made games, Pokemon Uranium and the Metroid 2 Remake, were recently taken down. Pokemon Uranium's creators say they weren't contacted by Nintendo's lawyers and instead took it down out of respect for the right's holders. The Metroid 2 remake, however, was issued a DMCA takedown notice by the Mario publisher.

Nintendo also had the Super Mario 64 HD fan project shut down. The project was a remake of the N64 game's first level, Bob-omb Battlefield, built in Unity.

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