No Man's Land ships out

CDV's historical strategy recreates the colonization of the Americas in real time and three dimensions.


No Man's Land, CDV's new 3D real-time strategy game, set sail for stores today, nearly a week after its scheduled ship date. The game should arrive in stores shortly, is rated "T" for teen, and has an MSRP of $39.99.

Developed by Germany-based Related Designs, No Man's Land chronicles three centuries of American colonization and conflict, from about 1600 to 1900. The game begins with the Spanish conquistadors, then continues on through the American Revolution, and eventually ends with the Indian and Frontier Wars of the late 19th century. Other aspects of the game include:

  • New 3D graphics engine capable of zooming and rotating forested terrains.
  • Three riveting campaigns with 30 versatile missions.
  • Six playable peoples: Spaniards, British, woodland and prairie natives, and patriots and settlers.
  • Technological progress from manned canoes to railroads.
  • Heroes and elite units (snipers, shamans, and assassins).
  • Six multiplayer modes, from deathmatch to a railroad-building competition.

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