No Man's Land for August

CDV Entertainment announces that its historical real-time strategy game will enjoy a worldwide release this August.


CDV Entertainment has today announced that No Man's Land, which is currently in development at Related Designs, will be released worldwide in August. No Man's Land is a real-time historical strategy game that spans the history of the Americas between 1600 and 1900 and features three distinct single-player campaigns played from the perspective of six ethnic groups including the English, American Patriots, Spaniards, Forest Indians, Prairie Indians, and settlers.

"No Man's Land has already been compared to Age of Mythology in different countries and I am sure that UK RTS gamers will share this opinion," said Terry Malham, CDV's UK president. "The game is fully up to today's 3D RTS standards, focuses on fun and easy playability, and still incorporates features that you will not find in other RTS games."

In addition to the single-player campaigns, No Man's Land will support a variety of LAN and Internet multiplayer games and includes a random map generator. For more information on No Man's Land, check out our previous coverage of the game.

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