No Man's Sky on Xbox One is Something Microsoft "Would Love to See"

Chris Charla discusses parity clause and console exclusivity.

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In the latest Inner Circle podcast, ID@Xbox director Chris Charla said "I would love to see [No Man's Sky]" on the Xbox One, but that it was up to the game's developer, Hello Games.

Charla understands that a lot of developers might be avoiding Microsoft because of the parity clause, but he said more developers need to simply reach out to Microsoft and talk about it.

"If you're worried about policies," he said, "we try to be really easy to get in touch with. When we talk to developers, we try to be really transparent. Don't assume that something you read on Neogaf is our policy, just talk to us."

The parity clause, which requires games launch on the same day they do on other platforms like the PlayStation 4 or PC, has been the topic of some controversy among gamers and developers alike. It was put in place, according to Xbox director Phil Spencer, to make Xbox One owners feel "first class." As Charla discussed in the podcast, however, it can also make gamers feel left out when a game they really want doesn't launch on the console because of a business decision.

Earlier this month, Charla said that Microsoft isn't as strict about the parity rule as people think, saying, "If it's a situation where a developer needs to ship serially on consoles because they don't have the resources to simultaneously ship, we totally get that. It's no problem. Our6 goal is to make sure that if a developer wants to ship their game on Xbox one, that they can ship their game on Xbox One."

Charla added that Microsoft doesn't want developers taking a payment for exclusivity on another platform and then releasing "some months later" on the Xbox One without adding something to make it "fresh" for Xbox owners.

No Man's Sky is coming to PC eventually, but for now gamers can expect the game on PS4 later this year.

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