No, Keeping Your PS5 Console In Vertical Mode Won't Damage It

Vertical PS5 fans, rejoice.


A few weeks ago, reports began circulating that PS5 owners who had their console in a vertical position were at risk of damaging the device. The claim made by hardware repair shop owner 68Logic (via Wololo, which has since updated its article) described the liquid metal used to cool the APU as being the culprit, as the shop had encountered cases where the substance had spilled out of its container and had begun spreading around the PS5 motherboard.

In an update from Wololo on Twitter, the site added that while this problem can occur, there is "no evidence" that it'll happen to PS5 consoles that are fresh out of the box and haven't been opened. If your PS5 has been operating normally since you acquired it and hasn't had its shell cracked open for a fix, then there's no danger in leaving it in a vertical position if you have the space to do so. If you have had it fixed recently, you might want to exercise some caution in how you position it.

Opening a PS5 isn't something that can be done with just regular off-the-shelf tools either, as back in 2020, PlayStation engineer Yasuhiro Ootori demonstrated how you'll need a specialist screwdriver such as a Torx T8 to get to the delicate internals. In other PlayStation news, Sony declared at CES 2023 that the PlayStation 5 shortage is effectively over.

According to PlayStation boss Jim Ryan, players should have a "much easier time" finding a console at their local retailers. December 2022 was the PS5's biggest month of all time for sales, and Project Leonardo, a customizable accessibility controller for the PS5, was also announced at the event.

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