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"No Guarantee" League Of Legends MMO Will Ship, Producer Says, But Development Is Going "Super Well"

Greg Street, executive producer for Riot Games' in-the-works MMO, says Riot won't ship a disappointing game.


Riot Games is currently working on an unnamed MMORPG set within the League of Legends world of Runeterra, and while development is "going super well," there is no guarantee the project will ever see the light of day, according to the game's executive producer Greg Street.

Street took to Twitter a few days back to comment on how the in-progress MMO will be the fourth major project he's worked on, and will likely be the last. Street previously worked on Age of Empires III and World of Warcraft before joining Riot as a lead designer on League of Legends. Riot's MMO will be a "good final act," Street tweeted, assuming the game ships. While the team is optimistic, he makes clear nothing is set in stone.

Street goes on to clarify his comment in the replies, stating development on the MMO is going well, but that both Riot's standards and player expectations are high. As a result, Riot won't ship a disappointing game that doesn't live up to those high standards.

This isn't the first time Street has shined light on Riot's MMO via Twitter. He's previously stated that the League of Legends MMO "won't please everyone" and that, as a fan of raids and dungeons in other MMOs, he would be crushed if Riot's MMO doesn't deliver an enjoyable experience on those fronts. Riot officially announced it was working on the MMO back in December of 2020, putting out a call for interested developers to join the team.

Once known only for League of Legends, Riot Games has branched out in recent years, releasing other games like the tactical FPS Valorant and collaborating with other game development partners on various League of Legends-related spin-offs like Ruined King: A League of Legends Story. The League of Legends animated series, Arcane, is getting a second season on Netflix.

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