No Far Cry 3 on Wii U

Ubisoft confirms December-dated first-person shooter not slated for Nintendo's new console.


[UPDATE] Following the publication of this story, a Ubisoft representative confirmed to GameSpot that Far Cry 3 will not be available for the Wii U because the system was not considered at the onset of development.

"We will not be releasing Far Cry 3 on Wii U," reads a line from the statement. "The game has been in development for more than two years and at the time Wii U had not been considered."

The original story follows below

Far Cry 3 is the latest AAA title to skip the Wii U. An Ubisoft representative has told CVG that Ubisoft's December-dated first-person shooter is not planned for Nintendo's first high-definition console.

Wii U gamers won't face snarling dogs, at least not in Far Cry 3.
Wii U gamers won't face snarling dogs, at least not in Far Cry 3.

Ubisoft did not provide the site a rationale as to why Far Cry 3 is bypassing the Wii U, and the company had not responded to GameSpot's request for comment at press time.

Ubisoft is one of Nintendo's most prolific partners for the Wii U at launch. The French publisher is bringing a host of games to the console, including Assassin's Creed III, ZombiU, Just Dance 4, Rayman Legends, Marvel Avengers: Battle for Earth, and Rabbids Land.

Other big-name games skipping the Wii U include Resident Evil 6 and Dead Space 3. Additionally, just last week, Fallout and Elder Scrolls publisher Bethesda said it presently has no plans for the Wii U.

The Wii U is due out on November 18 in North America beginning at $299. The console arrives in Europe and Australia on November 30, with a Japanese launch slated for December 8.

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People are expecting developers to stop what they're doing and pick up a new platform, which requires more money and resources, to port a game that they've been working on for several years in time for the system's launch(or near launch) far too often. This is NOT something everyone can do, especially with hardware they have little experience with. If it were my project, that was nearly finished, I wouldn't bother taking the risk, money, and manpower to port the game over when focus could remain on making the game as good as it possibly can be on the currently planned platforms. The fact that Wii U is missing this game doesn't really mean anything.

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wii u is getting skiped over a lot kinda scary

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AverageJo3 Thats for the petition come on people sign the petition instead of complaing on gamespot.

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We can do this and then maybe if we have enough people sign for the petitiob they will listen to our public demand. After all it is Nintendo who needs the game and this could give the wiiu a momentum where it gathers alot of public attention and will bring consumers to the new console. We can help Nintendo and ourselves by starting a petition. Any one with me?

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Lets start a petition for far cry 3 on wiiu then anyone up for this?

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And the mass exodus continues......... What game wil be next, place your bets here.

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next game was lord of shadows 2.

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Well, the other Far Cry game on Wii didn't do so well.

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So for years now we keep hearing from PS3 owners that PS3 has many years of life in it and we don't need next generation consoles and yet when the Wii U comes out, they attack it for not being as powerful as they wanted it to be (but of course they don't even know the official specs when making these comments). It sounds like if the Wii U was 3-4x or 200x more powerful than PS3/360, the same people were never interested in it in the first place.

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@Iffy350 The Wii is old but Wii U is a brand new console. The developer just said the reason they didn't develop it is because the Wii U wasn't considered but that doesn't mean it can't run this game. The GPU in Wii U is RV770, that's about 3.5-4x as powerful as the one in Xbox360/PS3.

By your logic, Dark Souls can't run on the PC because PC is a relic. Until PC gamers petitioned for it, it was never going to come to the PC because the developer never considered PC as a gaming platform for Dark Souls during its development. Just sayin'.

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@BestJinjo The CPU also counts. And Wii U's CPU is slower than the PS3's and 360's which is why many AAA title games like FC3 and Dead Space 3 are not going to the Wii U. You can have a GTX 690 but your games won't run any better if you're still using a Pentium 4 with it.

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But they apparently have enough time to bring garbage like Just Dance 4, Your Shape 2013, & Sports Connection while awesome games like Far Cry 3, Splinter Cell: Blacklist (watch the stealth trailer), Watch Dogs, Furious 4, & Rainbow 6: Patriots can't come because "its not the main development platform" (ironic that Just Dance 4 & Your Shape 2013 are multiplatform and are still coming to Wii U). Eat a large one Ubisoft, the only Wii U games of yours that I'm buying are Assassin's Creed III & ZombiU.

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@I_are_Cake Just dance 4 isn´t cool like Dance Central or old machines of Bump ups.

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and this is news because...................

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What would Dora the Explorer comment on this article..?

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@spOOoOOn she'd probably say

"Do you see a fanboy behind me?"

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well... That is all I can say.

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They've provided the reason why it's not coming out. I don't see the big deal here.

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LOLOL Every week some new Dev says no support for WiiU WiiU, and every week nintendo fanboys say " Oh well I didn't want that game anyway" ROFL whatever stops the tears fanboys, whatever stops the tears. Keep using that excuse to make yourselves feel better that your not getting some pretty awesome games like skyrim or fallout or farcry and lots more ROFL!!!!

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@dreamfist11 im sure they have an xbox or ps3 or something. Why do people come on here to talk crap. Well what ever makes you happy i guess.

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@dreamfist11 Whatever stops the tears? Whining about it and being upset because it doesn't come to WiiU would indeed be QQing, but not this. Most people simply don't care about this game not coming for the WiiU, I know I don't, I'll just get it for PC or PS3 anyways, so this doesn't affect me at all, and I'm sure that's how most people here reason.

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@dreamfist11 Copy and paste?

You're running out of ideas I see. Typical.

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@alrepairs whatever stops the tears LOLO

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Far Cry 3 not planned for PS4 or Xbox720!!!!

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@zequex You forgot one vital detail, the WiiU has been announced since last year, has a release date and a price, the Nextstation and NextBox haven't even been announce. In summary, yes, your comment was pretty stupid

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@dreamfist11 @zequex And hundreds of next generation games are never coming to Xbox 360 and PS3 but will be available for Wii U over the course of the next 4-5 years. The Wii U already has the 2nd largest game launch in terms of # of games, only 2 games behind PS2's launch of 29 game titles on its release.

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@dreamfist11 @zequex

His isn't stupid, unlike yours.

Your actually on par with that emptycow creature in terms of blind moronic claims. Nextstation and NextBox sounds stupid as well. Far Cry 3 isn't yet disclosed with next gen, just like Wii U's specs weren't fully disclosed to the public.

See, get it? You're stupid ;).

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@dreamfist11 You mean like the first Madden for the 360 and PS3?????

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@dreamfist11 @zequex Madden 13 is a shitty port within itself.

Try again, Sub Zero.

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@dreamfist11 Far Cry 3 has been in development for more than two years.

My (sarcastic yet true) comment is as stupid as the headline to this article.

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Resident Evil 6 will more than likely appear on the Wii U next year at some point, this is Capcom we're talking about.

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He should change it because it's an insult to cows :P

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I think it's pretty much logical as you can't just turn the game you've been scheduled to release on the X,Y,Z platforms to also release on the W platform at the same time on the last moment, the Wii U just received a release date afterall and it's capabilities were only shown recently. Also they didn't said the word "never", they may consider it for a later release or for future releases, as mentioned in the article Ubi already has plenty of titles to release with the new console, so who knows.

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"Ubisoft confirms December-dated first-person shooter not slated for Nintendo's new console."


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Still trying to drag down the Wii U I see. They said there were to plans yet. Not that they will never consider it. It could happen. Especially considering Ubisoft's faith in the Wii U, and backing up Nintendo all throughout the Wii U's launch.

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@emptycow @zequex @IcedEarthaholic

You're embarrassing to both Nintendo and Non Nintendo Fans alike.

Your grammar has no weight...from your ridiculous misspelling, unconvincing claims with only trolls to agree with you, to simple debating concepts...just fucking dumb's actually painful to read what you're never makes any sense. What's worse is your annual return of the same article to share more of your stupidity. I'm trying to increase my IQ, not lose it by experiencing your smeared jargon of nonsense.

"emptycow" suits you well. There's nothing going on in that brain of yours. Just to let you know, dumb people unwilling to learn are immediately acquitted of their ideas.

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I was looking forward to that game. I have an XBOX 360, but I'd rather have it for the WiiU

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Do us all a favor and bury yourself somewhere deep, or move somewhere with no internet connection because no matter what FACTS we give you, you refuse to see the truth, only what your tiny little blinded mind has already set in stone.

Many of the games you listed have been in development for a long time and I have no doubt when the next XBox and Playstation come out, any game that has been in long development will skip those initially.

Oh and GTA 5 is rumored to be coming to the Wii U, whether that's true or not remains to be seen.

I'd pull up the 50 games coming out for the Wii U to prove that your "95% of the games are ports" statement is highly false but I know you're just going to ignore it anyways.

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I love how you're insulting Ubisoft saying their mascot and a game that clearly has a lot of love and time put into it only worth $10. It just shows what a blinded ignorant idiot you are and the gaming community honestly doesn't need people like you if all you care about are AAA titles and nothing else.

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@zequex @emptycow @alrepairs

Oh no, not $500, more like $900 because we wouldn't want Sony and Microsoft to pull out of the console business because they had to sell their consoles at a heavy loss again would we?

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@emptycow @zequex @alrepairs Please send a picture of your face showing the inevitable dissapointment then. Can't wait!

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Here's a few reasons why

I also heard Ever since the Nintendo 64 releaced they announced there would be "only family-friendly-gaming" (and COD-followers)

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@TURBO-BURNER I would argue that Nintendo allows the most freedom of developers, i mean c'mon, think of No More Heroes 2, you do jerking off gestures to power up your sword...

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@slayer1090 @TURBO-BURNER The last part of the article talks about how they are NOT as strict anymore. They stopped censoring when ESRB was established and removed the need to make games kid-friendly.

They still keep their own games on the lighter side but they don't censor 3rd party games (except for extreme situations).

Seriously, this was all in the article.

Avatar image for alrepairs

That'd be viable, if we were still living in the 90's dude.

Think of Perfect Dark, Rare, Resident Evil 4, and so on. It argues that entire article.

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If that was the case, then why did they allow Rare, their 2nd party studio, release GoldenEye 007, Perfect Dark, Killer Instinct Gold and Conker's Bad Fur Day? They even published Eternal Darkness on the GameCube. They stopped censoring shortly after censoring Mortal Kombat turned out to be a terrible move and drew gamers to the Genesis version.

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@TURBO-BURNER Cool article! Thanks!

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@emptycow @IcedEarthaholic Dear Empty Cow,

Your posts are getting tiresome. If you want to participate in a civil discussion, I would ask you use a little decorum.

Regarding your post, I will answer it point for point.

"no they wont " - This is simply an unfounded statement. You have no way of claiming that knowledge.

"xbox 720 will be out already" - Again, unfounded. We know the XBox720 is planned for next year but we don't know more than that. Also a year of exclusives for the Wii U can go a long way.

"so i see the wiiu becoming just another gamecube" - The Gamecube was a great system. It did lack third party support mostly due to it's disc capacity and lack of online. Both these things are corrected on the Wii U.

"nintendo lost there hold along time ago" - On what? Obviously not on marketing, sales and creative gaming hardware. Also their games were almost all critically acclaimed.

"the 80% of the people who got a wii never got games for it" - Where did you pull that statistic from? A lot of people who bought the Wii had plenty of games, just different ones than the PS3 and X360.

"3rd party dev will not support wiiu" - This is simply a falsehood. It hasn't been launched and already has very good 3rd party support.