No Escape Impressions

Funcom shows off its upcoming third-person shooter. New screenshots inside.


No Escape (1994)

Funcom stopped by the GameSpot offices and showed a demo of No Escape, the upcoming third-person action shooter. No Escape features cute characters with big heads and bigger guns, but its lighthearted humor and total absence of gore and blood make it ideally suited for younger players.

In No Escape you'll play as one of eight characters, including the suave Italian superspy Agent Massimo, the deadly aerobics instructor/ninja Pei Ling, and the punk rocker Bratney. Each character has three different model skins to choose from, and each has an individual opening movie that displays each character's background and how each character wound up on a space shuttle bound for the game show of the future, No Escape.

You'll play the game from a third-person perspective and do battle on more than a dozen distinct environments, including verdant agriculture planets, frozen ice planets, volcano planets, and more. Throughout the course of the game, your character will pick up oversized weapons, like the zapper, the heat-seeking rocket launcher, or the bouncing bomb, and blast your opponents until their health is thoroughly depleted, at which point that opponent is "knocked out." To advance in the competition, you'll have to "knock out" your opponents, grab stashes of cash lying about on the ground, and drink plenty of rocket fuel, the galaxy's most potent beverage and the source of each competitor's strength. No Escape will include the most popular shooter game modes, like head-to-head competition, team competition, and capture the flag.

No Escape is scheduled for release this winter.

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