No Battlefield 4 on Wii U

DICE confirms latest military shooter will skip Nintendo's first HD platform, won't have female playable characters in single- or multiplayer.


Battlefield 4 will not release on Wii U, developer DICE has confirmed to Videogamer. Creative director Lars Gustavsson explained that bringing the game to Wii U would mean taking on a risk that he is not comfortable with.

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"I think overall for me as creative director, number one is to deliver a really great game and experience. Sometimes, at least for us, it's focus on what you do well and what you know well, and ensure that you deliver something good than trying a bit too much, stretching yourself too thin and risking it," Gustavsson said. "I'd rather play it safe, deliver something really good and then look at the future and what could possibly be done than trying a bit too hard and then, flat."

During the Wii U unveiling at Nintendo's 2011 Electronic Entertainment Expo briefing, then-Electronic Arts CEO John Riccitiello said the publisher was exploring ways to bring the Battlefield series to Wii U, though no projects ever came to light.

Battlefield 4 joins a growing list of games to skip the Wii U. Other big-name games that passed over the console include Saints Row IV, Far Cry 3, Resident Evil 6, Dead Space 3, and Crysis 3. Additionally, Fallout and Elder Scrolls publisher Bethesda has said it presently has no plans to support the Wii U.

Gustavsson also revealed that Battlefield 4 will not feature female playable characters in either single- or multiplayer.

"The geopolitics is more of a backdrop to what happens, it's more [about] you and your group, and we chose to pick a man for it," he said. "It seemed to suit the story."

He explained that there are "a million things" DICE would like to do with Battlefield 4, but at the end of the day, only so many things are possible.

"I have the deepest respect for the men and the women who choose to do military service. It's not that anyone is better or worse," Gustavsson said. "It's definitely a valid question that we asked ourselves."

Battlefield 4 launches this fall for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC, though it is rumored to be in the works for the PlayStation 4 and Microsoft's unannounced next-generation platform.

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No surprise here, moving on.

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if ya wanna play as a chick, play guild wars 2.. I swear 80% of the dudes playin that game are running around as Norn women.

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What a grave lost that is. Next thing you know, no Diablo III for the Wii U either.

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You know, its funny that literally every time I see negative press on the Wii U, I think "oh, I bet Eddie wrote that" and I'm never wrong. I really could not care less than Battlefield is not coming to the WiiU, I don't own Nintendo systems for games such as that. I own Nintendo systems for dedicated first party games that remind me gaming can be simple and beautiful works of art all in one. Oh, and good job throwing in completely unrelated sexist remarks that you probably agree with Ed, once again, thank you for your meaningless contribution to a site I visit less and less thanks to gossipy trash like ALL your editorials

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Remember when "journalists" used to just report the facts? Before they started injecting their own bias into their editorials? Seems so long ago..

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@bluefox755 Yesterday....

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Wow, gamespot is really hammering away at this gender thing lol. Obviously people will gauge the importance of gender in their video games with their dollar...we'll see how big of an issue this really is lol.

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Oh EA you sexist bastards, take some notes from Epic, I don't understand why I can't play as a female soldier in multiplayer that is highly unreasonable.

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@Nintyfan95 Why would you? A game is a game is a game... especially a first person one, you don't even see the gender of your character...

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Who da heck even plays games like that on Nintendo consoles, or any game console for that matter, since it's on PC. I getting a Nintendo console for new (New/3D/RPG/Kart/Party)Mario, Zelda HD, Pikmin 3, Dragon Quest X, Smash Bros. HD, potential 3D Donkey Kong Country game, true Star Fox 64 sequel, exclusive 3rd party games (like Bayonetta 2, and Wonderful 101.). If I wanna play those games, I'll play them on PC. Wii U has character, and these games aren't going help define it's character.

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Maybe Nintendo has a big lesson to learn and hopefully, they'll make a come back with their next console in 5 years.

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You guys are amazing at times. You keep bashing the Wii U when it turns out you dont know shit. You keep on crying about it being overpriced current-gen hardware, and sometimes( and this makes me chuckle), you even suggest or imply its worse then current-gen. They are selling the Wii U at a loss, and youre actually stupid enough to think that its 7 year old outdated tech they are buying prices they were at 7 years ago? We are very close to where games hit diminishing returns when it comes to graphics, where only billion dollar companies will produce the most graphically pushing games. PS360 had shitty graphics at launch, and barely any titles. And the titles that existed was 90-95% pure shit. And the progress of the ps360 has been fenominal, as it will be with the Wii U, only Wii U now starts at post current-gen. Games sells the majority of consoles, not the console alone, and E3 is right around the corner. Your ass is not a valid source of information, so stop pulling pseudo-factual shitty arguments out of it.

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@henrikstorm Know one wants to make games for the WII U according to the weekly stories you read on all sites.With no 3rd party support the WII U is only good for Nintendo games.It's not bashing when it's the truth.

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@williebazerka @henrikstorm Porting a multiplat game doesnt take that long, and after E3, 3rd party games will come flying back to the wii u.

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@henrikstorm If you like the WII U than that's all that matters.

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@henrikstorm @williebazerka Yup, buyers remorse for sure. Unfortunately for the WiiU the signs are ominous.

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@henrikstorm This sounds like a rant from someone with buyer's remorse.

Avatar image for henrikstorm

@s0l1dsnake @henrikstorm then you need to screw on your social antennas, because thats far from it. Its simple facts. But it seems that people like you cant wrap your head around even the most simple of facts.

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This is why I sold all my Nintendo devices and never bought another. Go, keep playing mario and zelda, I've had enough since the 80s...

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Damn it Nintendo....Mario and Yoshi are amazing but we need more of these multi-platform games.

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And people wonder why the system isnt selling. Because companies arent making games for it. The industry is killing the wii u.

Avatar image for manrightchea

@Dshenlong The industry is not killing the Wii U, Nintendo kills the Wii U as it did the Wii. Developers are not going to bring AAA platform cutting edge tech games to a console that is statistacally far weaker than its future next gen competition and has a small user base.

No user base, equals bigger risk. Underpowered technology means having to scaleback and cut corners, all for questionable sales figures.

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@manrightchea @Dshenlong The user base (which is fine, btw, since Wii U is selling better at this point in its life than either the 360 or PS3 had) will remain smaller until the really big Nintendo games come out later this year. The problem with third parties is that they don't want to foster an audience for their games on Nintendo platforms. PS4 and 720 already are guaranteed to have third party support and their install base is ZERO. The people will buy them because they KNOW the support will be there. THAT is what third parties need to do with Nintendo platforms (treat them like the rest) and they would be guaranteed another strong audience for their games. But no.... :/

It's almost like a self-fulfilling prophecy: Let's refuse to support Nintendo platforms so that the audience picks up the games on other platforms and doesn't expect them on those Nintendo platforms, and then let's actually give some support but late and half-assed, and treat those Nintendo fans like they really don't matter so that when the game tanks or doesn't sell as well as the fully-supported versions on other platforms that came out months/years ago we can indicate that as reason for no future support. We hate money and Nintendo pooped in our Wheaties so we hate them too.


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"Sometimes, at least for us, it's focus on what you do well and what you know well, and ensure that you deliver something good than trying a bit too much, stretching yourself too thin and risking it,"

God FORBID you take a risk Dice!! EA and OVERRATED Dice can suck it!!

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i really dont see why, that cod or battlefiled dont have a female character in lead i dont see the issue hell its 2013

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@ps2fatboy War is bad, but sending Woman to fight in a war is worse and the year we're in doesn't change that.

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wii u .. basically doing the same thing on wii , major games be dissing this system atleast mario looks great lol

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F.U. to Wii U. Face it, this system is already dead and buried without third party support. Nintendo dug their grave. Now it's time for them to lie in it.

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@ChiefFreeman Nintendo has not dug their grave. Where are you getting this from?

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Female players would take extra time, and since BF4 is a rushed expansion of BF3, there's no time for actual improvements.

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If Nintendo would have listened to us gamers in the first place they wouldn't be in the situation they are in now. Told them not to keep the Wii name, and told them not to go with a tablet controller just to name a few. They go their own way and now they are gonna pay for it along with anyone who was stupid enough to buy the thing. .

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At least Nintendo still has the 3DS....

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@whitetiger3521 That must be one of the most potential-wasted devices that Nintendo has released. Apps are a joke, and most of the best games can't be played thanks to the region lock and the lack of distribution. Sad but true...

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"I have the deepest respect for the men and the women who choose to do military service. It's not that anyone is better or worse," Gustavsson said. "It's definitely a valid question that we asked ourselves." Gustavsson continues, "and it's always "Women don't belong on the battlefield, let them stay home and play with little princess pony dolls." to which Gustavsson concludes "after all, if they were all in the same battlefield then who would be left to make us sandwich?".

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@telaros thats exactly what i was thinking. sexist pig much? LOL

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Looks like Mr. Gustavsson and DICE forgot what happened with Battlefield 3.

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sooo...why on the left side of the page is BF4 still labeled with WiiU?

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@whackyq because gamespot is lazy

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@fakharakhtar362 @whackyq or is it? dun dun DUN..

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I REALLY don't want to look like the guy who is complaining that every game's demographics aren't as diverse as a 1990's cartoon/Carolyn Petit article...

But at this point it makes the game less realistic to not include female soldiers. They are an increasingly large part of the US military, and in Sweden where military training is required, and where DICE is making BF4, women make up half the armed forces...

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Suxs to have a Wii u

Avatar image for xsonicchaos


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Oh and another thing. Why is this even news anymore? Wii U is trash and no third party developers want to waste money porting games to it. We understand gamespot.

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My body was ready for this news I wonder if Reggie's was...

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GTA 5 >WatchDogs (at least i believe that it will be entertaining for a much longer time)

Avatar image for SnakeEyesX80

So what big multi-platform games is the Wii U going to get then? Every time I see an article about the Wii U, it's about what games it's NOT getting. :\ Didn't Nintendo say that it's just as powerful as a X360 or PS3? What's the problem?

Avatar image for Sirius_Agahnim

@SnakeEyesX80 Third parties seem to have sticks up their backsides when it comes to Nintendo, obviously. :/

Also, Wii U is MORE powerful than Xbox 360/PS3, not just as powerful.

Avatar image for ChiefFreeman

@Sirius_Agahnim @SnakeEyesX80 no, they realize that third party sales on a system on life support is bad business.

Avatar image for Sirius_Agahnim

@ChiefFreeman The system that's supposedly on life support that has still managed to outsell the 360 and PS3 by this equivalent point in their lives? Why didn't third parties drop support for those? >_>

Avatar image for Sevenizz

@SnakeEyesX80 Isn't it obvious?