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No Battlefield 4 on Wii U

DICE confirms latest military shooter will skip Nintendo's first HD platform, won't have female playable characters in single- or multiplayer.


Battlefield 4 will not release on Wii U, developer DICE has confirmed to Videogamer. Creative director Lars Gustavsson explained that bringing the game to Wii U would mean taking on a risk that he is not comfortable with.

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"I think overall for me as creative director, number one is to deliver a really great game and experience. Sometimes, at least for us, it's focus on what you do well and what you know well, and ensure that you deliver something good than trying a bit too much, stretching yourself too thin and risking it," Gustavsson said. "I'd rather play it safe, deliver something really good and then look at the future and what could possibly be done than trying a bit too hard and then, flat."

During the Wii U unveiling at Nintendo's 2011 Electronic Entertainment Expo briefing, then-Electronic Arts CEO John Riccitiello said the publisher was exploring ways to bring the Battlefield series to Wii U, though no projects ever came to light.

Battlefield 4 joins a growing list of games to skip the Wii U. Other big-name games that passed over the console include Saints Row IV, Far Cry 3, Resident Evil 6, Dead Space 3, and Crysis 3. Additionally, Fallout and Elder Scrolls publisher Bethesda has said it presently has no plans to support the Wii U.

Gustavsson also revealed that Battlefield 4 will not feature female playable characters in either single- or multiplayer.

"The geopolitics is more of a backdrop to what happens, it's more [about] you and your group, and we chose to pick a man for it," he said. "It seemed to suit the story."

He explained that there are "a million things" DICE would like to do with Battlefield 4, but at the end of the day, only so many things are possible.

"I have the deepest respect for the men and the women who choose to do military service. It's not that anyone is better or worse," Gustavsson said. "It's definitely a valid question that we asked ourselves."

Battlefield 4 launches this fall for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC, though it is rumored to be in the works for the PlayStation 4 and Microsoft's unannounced next-generation platform.

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