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Nitro Deck Nintendo Switch Controller Bundles Get Limited-Time Discounts

Six different Nitro Deck controller bundles are on sale at Amazon, including GameCube- and SNES-inspired models.


If you're looking for a more ergonomic way to play Nintendo Switch, there are numerous third-party controller options worth checking out. Hori's Split Pad Pro and Split Pad Compact have been popular picks for years, but you should also consider the Nitro Deck. A newcomer to the Switch controller market, CRKD's Nitro Deck both looks and feels like a premium device. For a limited time, Amazon is offering big discounts on Nitro Deck bundles. Available for as low as $60, each bundle comes with a hardshell carrying case. Alternatively, you can grab the black or white Nitro Deck sans carrying case for $50.

Nitro Deck Switch controller deals

The Nitro Deck acts as a cradle for your Switch. Compatible with both the standard Switch and Switch OLED, the screen slips into the U-shaped controller to give you controls on both sides of the display while also connecting to the USB-C port. This allows it to offer lightning-fast response times, as you don't have to rely on a wireless connection. The other benefit of the cradle design is that it feels extremely sturdy.

A number of features make the Nitro Deck stand out. It has full-size analog sticks and triggers, a conventional D-pad, four remappable back buttons, and curved handles that make it comfortable to hold. The analog sticks use Hall Effect sensors, which eliminates the components that cause stick drift. The analog stick caps are swappable, and each bundle comes with an extra set of caps.

It also has a built-in kickstand for tabletop mode and passthrough USB-C ports for charging and playing on a TV/monitor. You can't dock like your Switch like usual with the Nitro Deck, so the additional port is a nice perk. A companion smartphone app allows you to further customize the Nitro Deck's features. A button on the back of the controller lets you remap the four back buttons on the fly, too.

It's worth noting that while the Nitro Deck is comfortable to hold and the controls feel great, the right stick may be awkwardly positioned for you (depending on hand size). As you can probably see in the image, the right stick is located in a low spot, which requires some getting used to. And though the Nitro Deck has rumble, it's not as impressive as the "HD rumble" found in Nintendo's Joy-Con controllers.

The hardshell carrying case fits the Switch with Nitro Deck attached perfectly. It has a mesh pocket where you can store the included USB-C cable and analog stick caps. The carrying case also has an insert that holds eight game cartridges.

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