Nippon Ichi announces The Witch and the Hundred Cavalrymen

PS3 action game to be out in spring 2012 in Japan.


The Witch and the Hundred Knight

Last August, Japanese developer Nippon Ichi stated that it would soon unveil a quartet of new games it had under development. According to a recent issue of Dengeki PlayStation (translated via Andria Sang), the company has finally revealed one of them: an action role-playing game titled The Witch and the Hundred Cavalrymen.

One of the teaser images for the game.
One of the teaser images for the game.

The game is billed as an action RPG, and the story is about the witch Metallica, who plans to overthrow her rival--the forest witch--by using an army of "Hyakkihei" soldiers. Players will have direct control over the first Hyakkihei soldier; they have to summon 99 other soldiers via Metallica's magic. These soldiers act as temporary helpers in fighting off the forest witch's minions, as well as bolster the first soldier's stats and abilities.

The game is laid out in stages, with each of them containing multiple paths to other new stages. If players die halfway in a stage without reaching a save point, they will lose whatever items they collected but will still retain their level. In addition, the action RPG will also have an item synthesis system and a tribe system where players can either make enemies or become an ally with the game's AI-controlled tribes across the game map.

The title's single-player mode will contain 30 hours of gameplay excluding side quests. Nippon Ichi also said that the game will have no loading times when players transition between towns and the gameworld. Disgaea designer Takehito Harada will be in charge of the game's graphics and character designs, while composer Tenpei Satou will be doing the music.

The Witch and the Hundred Cavalrymen will be out in spring 2012 in Japan. An English version of the title has yet to be confirmed.

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