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Nioh 2 PSA: Don't Pick The Bird Guardian Spirit--Here's Why

You might be better off choosing the other Guardian Spirits in Nioh 2.


As soon as you're done with Nioh 2's character creator and are tackling the opening tutorials, you're given the choice of a Guardian Spirit, an ethereal creature that determines the form you take when you transform into a Yokai. Yes, that's right, you can become a Yokai in Nioh 2. Like Nioh 1's Living Weapon, it's a special form you take for a limited time with unique attacks and abilities depending on which Guardian Spirit you choose. If you need a brief rundown of Nioh 2's Yokai powers and the different forms you can transform into, check out our feature detailing Yokai Shift, Spirit Cores, and more.

The Guardian Spirit you pick is one of the most important early decisions you'll make in Nioh 2. But there's something that you can't readily predict about how the Guardian Spirit you choose impacts your playthrough--something we outline below.

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Don't Pick The Bird Guardian Spirit (Ame-no-Mitori)

During the opening tutorial, you're free to choose one of three Guardian Spirits, which, as mentioned, has one of the three Yokai Shift forms associated with it. Your choices are Ame-no-Mitori the bird (Feral), Makami the wolf (Brute), or Kagewani the shark (Phantom).

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I recommend not picking Ame-no-Mitori since the first Guardian Spirit you earn after beating the opening stage boss is Masaru the monkey--which can also turn you into a Feral form. So if you want to have more Yokai Shift form options to play with early on, I suggest choosing either Makami or Kagewani.

All this isn't to say that Ame-no-Mitori is no good; it has its charms. With Special Effects that enhance your Ki Recovery Speed, Running Speed, and Lightning Damage, there's some incentive to choose this elegant bird at the start. If all of this sounds like it benefits your playstyle, then go for it, but know that doing so locks you into using the Feral form Yokai Shift for a decent while.

And if you're curious: Yes, I ended up picking Ame-no-Mitori. Please learn from my mistakes... Or repeat my mistakes? It's up to you! There's not necessarily a wrong choice, but for first time players, it's useful to know how choosing Ame-no-Mirori impacts the tools available to you in your playthrough.

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