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Nioh 2 Launch Trailer Shows All The Ways It Will Kill You

Nioh 2's launch trailer is filled with powerful enemies and bosses that will likely kill you in seconds.


Nioh 2 launches March 13, and the latest Koei Tecmo Souls-like promises to punish you with even more powerful enemies. In the game's launch trailer, you can take look at some of the ridiculous monsters Nioh 2 puts in your way, and the even more ridiculous attacks you can do to eliminate them.

Beginning with a quote about being born into the world and eventually leaving it, which is definitely not a threat, the Nioh 2 launch trailer quickly shifts to a montage of enemies, allies, and combat. The protagonist, who is customizable this time around, dual-wields fast spinning blades to overwhelm one enemy, performs stealth attacks on unsuspecting guards, and defeats magical Yokai with finishing blows.

It's all much easier said than done, as Nioh 2 is a brutally-difficult game that will test the skill and patience of the most-seasoned action experts. Temporary transformations turn you into several different beasts that can deal out extra damage, and you'll need the boost when facing Nioh 2's tougher enemies. You can check out GameSpot's Nioh 2 starting tips if you have trouble. There are also guides on the Yokai shift system and choosing a guardian spirit.

One boss seen in the launch trailer is a giant snake with grass growing out of its midsection. It must have been taking a very long nap, and its large size could hide just how quickly it can attack.

"Death is a certainty," the trailer says in its closing moments. "So must we live with all our might."

Nioh 2 will be available exclusively for PS4 at launch. The original Nioh also began as a PS4 exclusive but later released for PC, as well.

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