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Nintendo's Weird Tweet Has Star Fox's Slippy Losing Out to a Frog on a Unicycle

Dat Boi is running away the competition.


Brands are always looking to stay relevant on social media in one way or another. Nintendo of America is no exception, today posting a tweet pitting Star Fox's Slippy--fighter pilot and barrel roll enthusiast--against another green frog, this one riding a unicycle.

As of this writing, Slippy is unsurprisingly losing to the Dat Boi meme by a margin of several thousands votes.

Despite Twitter now offering a polling feature--which has already been used to get answers to important questions--Nintendo set Slippy up for failure by going with the classic "favorite for Slippy, retweet for Dat Boi" structure. Who doesn't want to pass along this bizarre question with a retweet?

Predictably, the real gold lies in the replies to Nintendo's tweet. You can see a sampling of these below.

Poor Slippy.

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