Nintendo's SNES Switch Controllers Are Back In Stock

Playing Super Nintendo games without an SNES controller feels weird.


The official SNES Switch controller has proven to be hard to find. We've seen it restocked here and there, but they usually aren't available for long. If you've been anxiously awaiting its return, you can grab one right now directly from Nintendo. You have to be a Nintendo Switch Online subscriber to order one, and each account is limited to four total. Each time the controllers have been available, they've sold out extremely quickly, so it'd be smart to snag one as soon as possible.

Official SNES controllers for Switch mimic the original design while adding updated features, including wireless functionality, a pair of shoulder buttons, and USB-C charging (cord included). The gamepads cost $30 each--not including shipping--but you can use them for more than just SNES and NES games. The controllers are ideal for any game that plays well with a D-pad.

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SNES controller for Switch -- $30
SNES controller for Switch -- $30

If you miss out on picking one up or don't have a Switch Online membership, accessory manufacturer 8BitDo has several great alternatives. The Sn30 ($30) uses the Game Boy Pocket color scheme and has virtually the same design as the official gamepad. The SF30 ($45) looks like an SNES controller but adds a pair of joysticks, and the SN30 Pro+ ($50)--which made GameSpot's best Switch controllers list--adds both longer handles and joysticks to create a more modern controller design.

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