Nintendo's NES Classic Mini Edition Will Be In Stock Again Next Year

You might be able to get one after all.

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Now Playing: GS News Update: NES & SNES Classics Will Be Available In 2018

Alongside plans to expand on the planned availability of the SNES Classic Edition, Nintendo has announced that it will revive last year's NES Classic Edition. Assuming you haven't yet resorted to buying the system at an exorbitant price, you'll have a chance to pick one up at retail price in stores next year.

Few specifics were shared, but we know the NES Classic Edition is coming back to at least North America and Europe. It's still a ways off, however, as it won't hit stores until sometime next summer. In a press release, Nintendo said, "More information about the timing of the return of NES Classic Edition will be announced in the future."

Nintendo didn't provide any indication that the system itself, its selection of 30 games, or its price would be any different than before. However, it wouldn't be a shock if it finds a way to block the hack that allowed users to load additional games on the system, which Nintendo didn't intend to be possible.

The NES Classic Edition first arrived last November. Pre-orders sold out in advance of launch, and those available on release day similarly disappeared in the blink of an eye, quickly leading to a price spike on sites like Ebay. Additional shipments delivered in subsequent months also rapidly sold out--this resulted in a frustrating loop where it would briefly come back in stock but be gone long before everyone could get one. Nintendo ultimately discontinued the NES Classic in April.

These supply issues have been cause for concern to those seeking an SNES Classic, which Nintendo has previously said would be available in far greater supply than the NES Classic. That didn't stop SNES Classic pre-orders from selling out, making it begin to look like getting one--at least without paying an outrageous price--was unlikely, given Nintendo's plans to only offer the system during 2017. Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime recently tried to assuage concerns, going so far as to "strongly urge" people not to spend more than $80 to get their hands on one. That was followed by today's news that production on the SNES Classic will continue into 2018.

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Avatar image for tinoush

Thamn you must feel stupid if you just bought a nes mini for $300 on ebay.

Avatar image for gamer20482

Now scalpers wont make any money lol

Avatar image for FLEEBS

Good. Now I'll be able to get one.

Avatar image for bfa1509

I wonder will there be an N64 Classic.

I know I could just play these games on my phone or on a Pi (and I do...), but apparently these classic units are made out of good quality chunky plastic, like mom used to make. It makes me want them.

Avatar image for bentleyj10

@bfa1509: I haven't been able to find a quality N64 emulator yet so that would be a welcome sight.

Avatar image for nodd101

servers r up guys

Avatar image for FLEEBS

@nodd101: Although it seems impossible, not every article is a Destiny 2 article. Just 99.999% of them.

Avatar image for lorddaggeroff

As long as the money you earned from those racist rants goes to charity then it's a step in the right direction.

This websites stupid, can't comment on pewdiepie post, why Gamespot why do you have to be affiliated with CBS poisoness.

Avatar image for Redsyrup

This isn't a shock to me. The only surprise is it took this long to make an announcement. Shame on all the scalpers and retail spaces that forced inflated 'bundles' that nobody wanted. Shame on Nintendo for creating this predicament but glad they came to their senses and have taken corrective measures.

What's left for Nintendo to do to improve their public image:

-Stop the artificial shortages on the Switch and its accessories

-Stop killing off services like Miiverse prematurely and with little notice

-Stop the YouTube Content Creators Program (stealing youtubers hard sought revenue)

-Get moving on the GameBoy Color Classic

Avatar image for Drkr_Zen

So, that means we'll see two or three more units, on store shelves, in 2018? Amazing.

Avatar image for frank_castle

Nintendo can suck my hairy asshole

Everyone that wanted one of these should've been able to purchase one by now. This artificial shortage crap is one of the dumbest practices around and Nintendo is one of the primary culprits.

Avatar image for DefunktJunk

@frank_castle: Who else read that first line in a gruffy, Frank Castle like voice lol

Avatar image for Rufus_the_rat

The reprint version will probably have a longer cord but lose the ability to add 700 games so a net downgrade overall.

Avatar image for Brakkyn

I don't see why they don't announce something ahead of time and accept pre-orders so they can tell the factories how many to (approximately) make. I mean, it sounds simple, but I don't have a complete grasp of how "business" works.

I'd still like to get one of these...

Avatar image for Rufus_the_rat

@Brakkyn: That system is used by some industries already and in an ideal world would be used by a lot more. But it's new thinking that takes time to catch on. As for Nintendo, well they thrive on creating scarcity hype, so they have no interest whatsoever in actually meeting demand most of the time.

Avatar image for visforvictory

***Here is a simple way for Nintendo to make billions of dollars with very little effort:***

Simply re-release the NES Action Set, and sell games. Yup, that simple. You have zillions of retro gamers who would drop 100 bucks on the Action Set (console, 2 controllers, zapper, Super Mario/Duck Hunt), plus around 30 bucks for ''gamepaks''. Below are the steps:

1. Re-release the NES (All of the R&D is already done!!)

2. Re-release and/or license all the old games at a reasonable price (All of the R&D, box art, and manuals are already done!!)

3. Let companies make new 8-bit NES games as licensees and collect the royalties

What are you waiting for Nintendo???????

Avatar image for Redsyrup

@visforvictory: Dood, you're a genius! Nintendo should hire you ASAP. They could sell mini and XL variations. I would definitely buy this. The cost for 256Kb - 4Mb roms should be super cheap. I couldn't see why repo and 2nd print cartridges should cost more than 10-20 dollars ea. The packaging alone would cost more to print than the rom itself. A total reversal of where we were 30 years ago. It could revitalize retail like Gamespot and other shops as well.

Third parties like Capcom, Konami and Square Enix should talk to Nintendo about this. If they think Amibos are a hit they should try this next. The only losers would be 2nd hand re-sellers profiting off rarity.

Avatar image for Barighm


1) Yep. Clearly this is not an issue.

2). Now here is the issue. Do you know how hard it is to clear up license issues with companies that don't exist anymore? And what about companies that refuse to play nice and prefer to sit on their old licenses? It can take upwards of 10 years to clear license disputes. And I'm not talking about Japan which apparently has even stricter and more complicated laws. There have been re-releases of older games with no voice dialogue or music simply because the original artists refused to allow it. It's just not that simple.

3) I guess so, but nobody makes their games in 8 bit anymore. They make them LOOK 8 bit, but in actuality they're higher tech games that have been scaled down. Even Shovel Knight requires hundreds of megs of data. You can't make that work on a real NES. I'm sure it can be done but it's probably not as simple or easy to do as you might think.

Avatar image for Redsyrup

@Barighm: You wouldn't pay $100 dollars for a full size NES that outputs 1080p over HDMI and accepts full size NES carts? You're out of your mind. This would be an easy impulse buy for a huge swath of Nintendo's demographic (kids and 30-50 yr olds). Nintendo could even snazz up the shells with color/transparent variations.

Retro gaming is a force not to be reckoned with.

Avatar image for Richardthe3rd


Avatar image for dragonsama

I get the appeal for a lot of people but I've given up on ever getting one of these. I bit the bullet and got a Raspberry Pi and loaded RetroPie on it. Between the case, a controller, and Pi itself it was like $70. And I can play SNES, NES, Genesis, Turbografx, Gameboy in all it's flavors and more.

Anyone reading this here, it's really easy to set up and get going even if you have next to no technical knowledge. There are easy to follow tutorials online and you can have it running in under an hour.

Avatar image for kirk2n25

Step 1 - Create an artificial shortage so everyone will want one.

Step 2 - Tell people there won't be any more to really ramp up demand.

Step 3 - Release the product for real and cash in.

Everything is going according to Nintendo's plan.

Avatar image for ibonedyourmom

This time the controller cord will be 6 inches long.

Avatar image for PrpleTrtleBuBum

@ibonedyourmom: It's not NES if you're able to play more than an arms reach away from telly. If they have a longer cord, they might as well replace the whole controller with something ergonomic and update all the graphics to Samus Returns level

The issue I have with Mini NES is that it's too small. It's like a toy, not a console. If it was the size of the original, or even close, I wouldn't replacing my current NES with it. But the mini nes looks ridiculous. Almost like putting a phone under my television set and saying "Yeah that's my console"

Avatar image for RossRichard

Has Nintendo finally taken a business class?

Avatar image for swavo13

And there'll be a full 3 more! And one of them is locked in fort knox.

Kidding, glad to hear this :)

Avatar image for inkman66


Avatar image for jasonlc3221

Wow Nintendo. You really know how to **** with us. So glad I never gave in to scalpers.

Avatar image for shadowwarrior4

maybe this time they do in store only and one per person in order to stick it to the scalpers

Avatar image for Xristophoros

lol... wow this will be a shock to all the greedy scalpers out there. it is amazing how nintendo goes back on its word so often. after explicitly telling us the nes classic was a one time thing and would never get more made, they do a 360 turn. always take nintendo talk with a grain of salt. anyways, this is good news for those who wanted one of these.

Avatar image for PrpleTrtleBuBum

@Xristophoros: Remember to take this with a grain of salt