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Nintendo's NES Classic Mini Edition Will Be In Stock Again Next Year

You might be able to get one after all.


Alongside plans to expand on the planned availability of the SNES Classic Edition, Nintendo has announced that it will revive last year's NES Classic Edition. Assuming you haven't yet resorted to buying the system at an exorbitant price, you'll have a chance to pick one up at retail price in stores next year.

Few specifics were shared, but we know the NES Classic Edition is coming back to at least North America and Europe. It's still a ways off, however, as it won't hit stores until sometime next summer. In a press release, Nintendo said, "More information about the timing of the return of NES Classic Edition will be announced in the future."

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Nintendo didn't provide any indication that the system itself, its selection of 30 games, or its price would be any different than before. However, it wouldn't be a shock if it finds a way to block the hack that allowed users to load additional games on the system, which Nintendo didn't intend to be possible.

The NES Classic Edition first arrived last November. Pre-orders sold out in advance of launch, and those available on release day similarly disappeared in the blink of an eye, quickly leading to a price spike on sites like Ebay. Additional shipments delivered in subsequent months also rapidly sold out--this resulted in a frustrating loop where it would briefly come back in stock but be gone long before everyone could get one. Nintendo ultimately discontinued the NES Classic in April.

These supply issues have been cause for concern to those seeking an SNES Classic, which Nintendo has previously said would be available in far greater supply than the NES Classic. That didn't stop SNES Classic pre-orders from selling out, making it begin to look like getting one--at least without paying an outrageous price--was unlikely, given Nintendo's plans to only offer the system during 2017. Nintendo of America president Reggie Fils-Aime recently tried to assuage concerns, going so far as to "strongly urge" people not to spend more than $80 to get their hands on one. That was followed by today's news that production on the SNES Classic will continue into 2018.

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