Nintendo's NES Classic Edition Returns To Stores Soon

Nintendo's classic micro console will be back for at least a portion of 2018.


If you were not able to grab an NES Classic during the retro console's initial run, the good news is that it'll be back in stock next month. Nintendo has announced that the hard-to-find mini-console will be available again starting on June 29.

The NES Classic ($60), and the more recently released SNES Classic ($80), should remain available to buy through the end of the year, Nintendo added.

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Last year, Nintendo announced that the NES Classic would return to store shelves in Summer 2018, so the June 29 timing matches up. The NES Classic first arrived last November. Pre-orders sold out in advance of launch, and those available on release day similarly disappeared in the blink of an eye, quickly leading to a price spike on sites like Ebay. Additional shipments delivered in subsequent months also rapidly sold out--this resulted in a frustrating loop where it would briefly come back in stock but be gone long before everyone could get one. Nintendo ultimately discontinued the NES Classic in April 2017 before announcing its return.

The NES Classic has 30 games, including some of Nintendo's most famous games like Super Mario Bros. and Donkey Kong. The SNES Classic is a micro-sized version of the iconic Nintendo console. It comes with 21 games, including the previously unreleased Star Fox 2.

The SNES Classic has shipped more than 4 million units, while the NES Classic shipped 2.3 million units before it was initially discontinued.

Given the huge success of the NES and SNES Classic consoles, many are wondering if Nintendo might release an N64 Classic next. Interestingly, a trademark filing suggested that this might be happening, though no official announcement has come as of yet. Nintendo's E3 2018 briefing is taking place in early June, and we're expecting some big news.

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