Nintendo's Iwata Addresses Concerns Over Rapid Weight Loss

Longstanding executive assures investors his weight has stabilised following tumour surgery.

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Nintendo president Satoru Iwata has assured he is "progressing well" after his first major public appearance since recovering from a tumour in his bile duct.

Concerns have been made regarding Iwata's rapid weight loss after the Nintendo company president underwent surgery in June. During the latest Nintendo Direct video presentation, Iwata appeared to be in good spirits but was gaunt and pale.

Iwata has lost weight rapidly in a matter of months
Iwata has lost weight rapidly in a matter of months

However, on Thursday, Nintendo's Twitter feed quoted him as saying his weight has stablised as his health recovers.

"I have seen many comments from people concerned about my weight loss," he began.

"While it is true that I have lost weight due to a major surgery, my weight has thankfully been stable now for 2.5 months and I'm progressing well. I am really grateful for everyone supporting me, the doctors as well as the hospital-staff."

Speaking during Nintendo's latest earnings presentation, Iwata said he is now healthy enough to return to his normal work obligations. The tumour in his bile duct caused him to miss E3 and other financial presentations.

Nintendo's latest quarterly financial puts the company on track for its first annual profit in four years.

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