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Nintendo's First Smartphone Game, Miitomo, Is Proving Popular

3 million and counting.


Nintendo's newly released free-to-start mobile game Miitomo is a big hit. The social networking app has now reached 3 million downloads worldwide, Nintendo announced on Twitter.

The milestone comes just a day after Miitomo was released in the west. The game launched in Japan on March 17, racking up 1 million downloads in three days. A regional breakdown of the new 3 million figure was not provided.

It's not a surprise, but Nintendo also has not shared any details on how much money Miitomo is bringing in with its various microtransactions. Though the game is free, players can spend real-world money to speed up their progress in unlocking new items. This is a common practice for mobile games.

Miitomo, which lets users create Miis and interact with friends in silly ways, is just the first of Nintendo's smartphone games. Another upcoming smartphone game "will not be a communication app" like Miitomo, but instead a title that features a well-known Nintendo character.

A total of five smartphone games from Nintendo are due to launch by 2017. These games, all of which will be free, are being produced under the guidance of longtime Mario Kart producer Hideki Konno.

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