Nintendogs + Cats Hands-On

Puppies should always be in 3D.


Nintendogs + Cats

Nintendo has a whole slew of games to show off its new 3DS system, and what better way to showcase the possibilities than to have a demo of Nintendogs + Cats (minus the cats). The incredibly limited demo had only a golden retriever, a beagle, and a Yorkie puppy to choose from and a handful of toys and accessories to play with. But if you liked Nintendogs, then you will like and appreciate the upgraded 3D version of the game.

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It's hard to say how much has changed with the game other than the visuals, because we were only able to play with our pup in an open living room. The most notable thing at this point was that the graphics have been greatly enhanced so that while you're petting your pooch, you'll be able to look into its bright, cheerful eyes and see the details of its fur (that never seems to shed). A menu brought up a few toys, including a boomerang, a disc, and a tennis ball. Like most puppies, your 3D virtual puppy will bound away happily when you toss a toy across the room.

Instead of just watching the ball bounce off, now when you throw anything in the game, you'll notice just how deep the area is because of the 3D effect. When you throw a tennis ball, it looks as though you are truly chucking it to the other side of the room. It's almost like a mirror, where you are tempted to reach in and grab something from it.

There are knitted hats, a Mario cap, a pompadour wig, heart-shaped glasses, and scarves for you to accessorize your puppy with so that it can look as ridiculous as possible--ridiculously cute that is. We hope to bring you more on the game when we get the details, including a release date.

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