Nintendo Won't Discount Digital Releases, Planning to Reward You For Buying Them Instead

Satoru Iwata says it wants to maintain value of products, new membership service will give you more.


Nintendo CEO Satoru Iwata has discussed the company's policy of not discounting digital content and discussed plans to increase the value of these full-price digital releases in the future.

One of the commonly cited benefits of distributing content digitally is that it allows savings to be passed on to consumers. Nintendo, however, rarely makes the necessary discounts to deliver this to its players.

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Speaking in an investor meeting, which was translated by Twitter user Cheesmeister, Iwata said the company believes in maintaining the perceived value of its products.

"We believe download versions have the same value and should be priced the same," he said.

"Some companies price [downloads] cheaper due to there being no used sales or store price reductions," he continued. "We stress the value of Nintendo software, so we price the same."

He added: "Purchases can be made through the eShop or with download cards bought at stores. We typically don't discount, but stores may."

Iwata admitted that digital distribution reduced the inherent risks involved with physically packaging a game and distributing them, before suggesting Nintendo's new online membership service may offer additional benefits to increase the value of digital purchases.

"We know some aren't satisfied without a difference [between physical and digital versions]," Iwata said. "We plan to provide some benefit with the new membership service starting in the fall."

Earlier this year, Nintendo announced that it would be closing its Club Nintendo membership program. The Japanese platform holder later revealed it was working on a new membership service that will unite Nintendo's home consoles, its handhelds, as well as mobiles and PC.

According to Iwata, the new membership service will "encompasses the existing Nintendo 3DS and Wii U systems, the new hardware system with a brand-new concept, NX, and smart devices and PCs."

Nintendo has confirmed its next home console is codenamed the NX. The hardware was announced in March, around the same time the company also revealed plans to finally enter the smartphone market.

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