Nintendo won't develop smartphone games - Report

Despite Pokemon Android and iOS app, Nintendo spokesperson Yasuhiro Minagawa says Japanese game giant will only ever make games for its own systems.


With the nearly 200 million iOS devices sold, and some 500,000 Android devices being activated every single day, smartphones have a user base that dwarfs even that of the mighty DS. Despite that, Nintendo is not going develop games for those platforms any time soon.

Don't expect Nintendo to make smartphone games.
Don't expect Nintendo to make smartphone games.

Earlier this week, there was speculation that Nintendo would be entering the smartphone game sector, when the Pokemon Company announced its plans to bring an official Pokemon app to iOS and Android devices. However, Nintendo spokesperson Yasuhiro Minagawa explained that Nintendo only owns a minority stake (32 percent) of the Pokemon Company, and that it remains an independent studio.

Minagawa recently told Bloomberg that the company's strategy to develop games only for first-party hardware "hasn't changed and won't change."

This news comes just a day after Nielsen released a study that found that games are the most popular application type on smartphones, outpacing weather, social networking, and navigation apps.

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