Nintendo wins $1m in damages from illegal flashcart sellers

Nintendo and 49 other Japanese publishers win $1m in damages from three companies selling DS flash cartridges in Tokyo.


A judge in a Japanese court case has ruled that three companies distributing illegal R4 flash cartridges for the Nintendo DS must pay Nintendo and dozens of other developers almost $1 million in damages.

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Nintendo Japan announced that the three Tokyo-based resellers of the piracy-enabling R4 cartridges, Seafort Japan, Mediaforce, and Magical Company, are guilty of the Unfair Competition Prevention Act and must now pay ¥95,620,005 (approx $945,873/£635,774) in damages.

Nintendo and the 49 other plaintiffs make up almost all of Japan's major publishers, including Capcom, Namco Bandai, Konami, Square Enix, and D3.

The Japanese government ruled in November 2012 that, after years of attempting to block the devices from sale, all R4 devices are illegal in Japan.

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